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PUBG Mobile India Series: 4 fun facts that will blow your mind

Published 11 Mar 2019, 18:59 IST
11 Mar 2019, 18:59 IST

PUBG Mobile India series is finally done and dusted, and what a hard-fought battle royale this was. After five matches at the GMC Balayogi Indoor Stadium of Hyderabad, Team Soul were declared as champions and bagged ₹30 lakh prize money amount. Team Gods Reign and Funky Monkey came in second and third position, taking home ₹10 lakh and ₹5 lakh respectively.

With a great tournament come some new records, fun facts, and trivia. And PUBG Mobile has published some amazing tidbits from the series.

Take a look:

#1: Flare guns galore

2,122,377 flare guns were fired during the PUBG Mobile India series online playoffs!

Diwali in India? close!
Diwali in India? close!

That's a crazy amount! The infrequently found flare gun is a sight for most sore eyes during the normal course of a game. But then the Diwali cracker-like gun was used quite a bit in this tournament. For those not in the know, this game-changer can be used to summon rare loot that's specially dropped on it being fired.

Valuable ammunation like armored cars, guns like MK14, Groza, and M24 are commonly found in the custom drops and can be a make-or-break for any team that manages to get their hands on it.

#2: Skills are important and they will guide you!

2 Finalists from PUBG Mobile Campus Championship qualified in top 20 finalists of PUBG Mobile India Series

From Campus championship to India Series, well done!
From Campus championship to India Series, well done!

There's a lot more than mere luck that goes into qualifying back-to-back for the biggest PUBG Mobile tournaments in India. Team Soul and Squad 99 are two teams that have actually gone against all odds and done exceedingly well in the tournament. What's more, the PUBG Mobile India community appreciates the blood, sweat and tears that go into being champions.


But for Team Soul there's no doubt there's a chicken dinner that awaits the winners!

#3: 7.62mm wins the day

1,622,712,761 - 7.62mm bullets were fired during the qualifier rounds.

Just 10 times lesser than Word War - I
Just 10 times lesser than Word War - I

It's quite interesting to note that 7.62mm bullets were much more popular than 5.6mm ones in the game. Guns like DP-28, AKM and Kar98, which use the 7.62mm bullets, seem to have been much more in demand. On the other hand, the M416 remained the most-wanted 5.56mm gun.

One reason for players preferring 7.62mm guns could be the high damage they deal. Not to mention the fact that most sniper rifles use the same ammo as well.

Another fun fact: The total count of bullets fired in the PUBG Mobile India series qualifiers rounds is just about 10 times lesser than the number of shells fired during World War I.

#4: Survival is key

Maximum players alive in the final circle is 11.

Survive till the last breath!
Survive till the last breath!

True to the spirit of battle royale, PUBG Mobile operates on the principle of last man standing too. With a play circle that keeps getting smaller, a rather healthy count of players remaining in the last leg of the game is five to six.

But when you have stalwarts of the PUBG Mobile world playing, you expect some craziness. And that's exactly what happened when 11 players were left standing when the last circle approached. All we can say is that the end result would've been a treat to behold!

These are all the facts that we got from the PUBG Mobile India Series. However, we got lessons from the pro players as well. You can check the pro tips from the finals by clicking here and if you are unaware of the details of the tournament, you always check it by clicking here

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