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PUBG Mobile KR vs. PUBG Mobile VN: Major differences and which is better

Assessing PUBG Mobile KR and PUBG Mobile VN to see which is better (Image via Sashank | YouTube)
Assessing PUBG Mobile KR and PUBG Mobile VN to see which is better (Image via Sashank | YouTube)
Modified 19 Dec 2020, 10:07 IST

Over the past few years, the battle royale community has been rapidly emerging in India. PUBG Mobile seemed to be leading the way at the top until the ban notice issued by the MEITY in September.

PUBG Mobile fans were disheartened at this notice, but soon, they started shifting to other versions of the title not banned in India. Two of the most popular iterations that players are widely playing right now are the Korean and Vietnamese versions.

These localized editions are not found on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store in India but can be downloaded from various other third-party sources.

While the main features of these versions remain the same, there are small changes in each. This article compares the KR and VN versions of PUBG Mobile to see which is better.

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Differences in the PUBG Mobile KR and VN versions

The major features in both these variants are the same as that of the global versions. Hence, players don't have much trouble getting a hold of these titles.

However, several other features contradict each other in these iterations.

#1 - Log-in event rewards

Image via Classified YT | YouTube
Image via Classified YT | YouTube

There are several reward changes in the log-in event rewards. In the KR version of PUBG Mobile, players can see a lot of difference in the log-in event's reward section. An exclusive Donkatsu Medal is given on logging in on the seventh day in the game.

There is not much change in this section in the VN version, which is mostly like the global version.

#2 - Event rewards

Image via duniagames
Image via duniagames

The event rewards in the KR version are much more fascinating. Players can acquire permanent and attractive prizes and medals by completing daily missions.


The VN version does not allow those advantages and offers only Time-Limited events.

#3 - Buying crates with BP

Image via Classified YT | YouTube
Image via Classified YT | YouTube

Players can buy crates with BP in the KR version; that too, crates consisting of permanent outfits and skins.

In the VN version, players cannot buy crates with BP (Battle Points), and it only offers time-limited skin and costumes.

#4 - Joining the global clan


There is a disadvantage in the KR version of PUBG Mobile, and that is joining clans in the global version of the game. Players who wish to join clans in the global version cannot do so, as the Korean version has a different region and does not allow gamers to join clans from the global versions.

The VN version, however, allows players to join the global versions' clans without hindrances.

#5 - Lag issues and glitches

The VN version is more like the global version of PUBG Mobile, but it has one thing in common with its KR cousin. Gamers who play these versions do not experience any lag issues, as these are localized servers. The bugs and glitches are also way lesser than the global version.

PUBG Mobile KR or VN, which is the better version?

Considering aspects like lag, bugs, glitches, and better rewards systems, the PUBG Mobile KR version is the winner. It undoubtedly offers much more promising and permanent rewards and better server connection with lesser lag issues.

The VN version is also better than the global version, but as it is like the latter's mirror, there is not much change in the in-game feature of this title. Hence, the KR version will be a better option if users are trying to play localized PUBG Mobile versions.


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Disclaimer: This article reflects the writer's individual opinion, and it is an individual's preference to choose one game over another while regarding their in-game graphics quality.

Published 19 Dec 2020, 10:07 IST
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