PUBG Mobile Lite vs Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI): How different are the two games?

Differences between BGMI and PUBG Mobile Lite
Differences between BGMI and PUBG Mobile Lite
Soumyajit Dutta

Battlegrounds Mobile India and PUBG Mobile Lite are two variants of the globally renowned title, PUBG Mobile.

Indian fans have been waiting with eager anticipation for their favorite battle royale, PUBG Mobile, to come back. It has returned now but under the guise of a new iteration named Battlegrounds Mobile India.

However, soon after releasing its Early Access version, fans started pitting this upcoming title against other BR titles to find similarities and differences.

This article compares Battlegrounds Mobile India to PUBG Mobile Lite to find significant differences between the two.

Differences between Battlegrounds Mobile India and PUBG Mobile Lite

1) Number of players in a lobby


The number of players in a lobby varies as BGMI features 100 players landing on an island, whereas PUBG Mobile Lite sees 60 gamers doing so.

As a result, the gameplay is shorter and intense in the latter, and the average match duration is also lesser than Battlegrounds Mobile India.

2) Graphics


The graphics are significantly better in Battlegrounds Mobile India, allowing a max cap of UHD graphics with 90 FPS frame rates on high-end devices.

BGMI graphics capacity
BGMI graphics capacity

However, PUBG Mobile Lite only allows HD graphics with much less detailed textures and a frame rate of up to 60 FPS on high-end devices.

3) In-game words

"Finished" instead of "Kill" in BGMI
"Finished" instead of "Kill" in BGMI

Krafton has removed situations that might lead to violence and aggression among players in Battlegrounds Mobile India. As a result, they have removed the term "Kill." Instead, when an opponent is defeated, it will be referred to as "finishes."

However, PUBG Mobile Lite follows the path of its original variant and displays "killed" and "knocked out" when players down an enemy.

4) Size

The game size after installation is perhaps the most significant difference between the two titles. Although Battlegrounds Mobile India has a lightweight installation feature, players have to download various Resource Packs after installing.

As a result, the total game size of BGMI after proper installation is somewhere around 3 to 3.2 GB.


PUBG Mobile Lite has no hidden downloads and takes around 780 to 800 MB on the device.

5) Gameplay management rules

The displaying of many messages from the developers promoting "improved health" is the most significant change noticed while playing Battlegrounds Mobile India.

The Gameplay Management System notice in BGMI
The Gameplay Management System notice in BGMI

Throughout the game, gamers will be inundated with notifications informing them about keeping proper posture, minimizing screen time, etc.

These warnings and messages have been labeled as part of the "Gameplay Management System," which cannot be found while playing PUBG Mobile Lite.

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