PUBG Mobile long-range accuracy guide: Get kills like a pro (December 2023)

Tactics to master long-range battles like a pro in PUBG Mobile
Tactics to master long-range battles like a pro in PUBG Mobile (Image via Tencent Games)

PUBG Mobile combat settings play an extremely important role in the game, with success often determined by strategy and accuracy. Long-range accuracy is a crucial skill that could significantly boost your performance and kill count, whether taking out targets over wide-open regions or executing skillful long-range shots.

This article will cover three crucial aspects to consider if you want to improve as a long-range marksman in PUBG Mobile.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

Tips to improve long-range accuracy in PUBG Mobile (December 2023)

1) Perfecting your aim


Long-range confrontations in PUBG Mobile necessitate accuracy, and honing your aim is key to securing kills like a pro. Begin by learning about the bullet drop and travel time for each weapon. Each rifle has distinct characteristics, so spend time in the range practicing with various guns to become acquainted with their behavior.

Develop the skill of guiding your shots. Anticipate your opponent's movements and fire ahead of them to ensure your bullets hit their target. Such shooting is essential for hitting moving targets at a distance. Use the practice range and custom games to improve your aim under different scenarios.

Consider tweaking your sensitivity settings as well. Finding the ideal mix between precise control and quick response is crucial. As you locate the perfect setting for your play style, don't be afraid to make adjustments and adjust your sensitivity based on your comfort level.

2) Mastering the art of positioning


Long-range accuracy isn't only about aim; it's also about tactically situating yourself on the battlefield. Use natural cover, such as hills, rocks, and trees, to obscure your movements and limit the likelihood of being seen by opponents. This not only protects you but also creates opportunities for surprise strikes.

When it comes to long-term commitments in PUBG Mobile, patience is key. Avoid disclosing your position needlessly and wait for the right moment to strike. Take advantage of the third-person perspective by peeping around corners or over barriers without completely revealing yourself. This helps you gather information about your surroundings and efficiently plan your shots.

3) Choosing the right gear and attachments


Equipping the appropriate gear and attachments can improve your long-range accuracy in PUBG Mobile greatly. For more consistent shots, choose firearms with low recoil and high bullet velocity. Compensators, vertical grips, and longer magazines can help stabilize your firearm and increase overall performance.

Spend time looting strategically. Prioritize selecting the ideal scopes for your guns since the perfect optic may make or break a long-range engagement. Experiment with several scopes, such as 4x, 6x, and 8x, to see which best suits your playstyle.

Dedicate time to practice and refine your skills, and soon, you'll be securing kills like a pro on the virtual battlefield.

Disclaimer: PUBG Mobile has been banned by the Indian government. Those from the region are advised to try out Krafton's Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), which is the Indian variant of the mobile title.