PUBG Mobile star Sc0utOP called Mumbai Valorant server "a joke"

Image via Sc0utOP's Twitter
Image via Sc0utOP's Twitter

Valorant players have never stopped complaining about the toxic culture tormenting Riot's SA Mumbai server since its launch.

Now, Indian PUBG star Tanmay "Sc0utOP" Singh called the Mumbai server "a joke." Even though he did not mention the reason behind his comment, it is evident that the aim was at the toxic and unethical mentality of the Indian Esports community.

Valorant succeeded to gain huge popularity in the Indian subcontinent since its official release. Considering the stupendous response, Riot Games launched a Mumbai-based server for the South Asian region in late 2020.

However, toxicity has been common in the server, and it seems to be a mushrooming problem within the Indian Valorant group. Apart from name-calling and insults, unethical practices like force buying each round or ignoring call-outs have been prevalent.

Sc0utOP shames the player base within the Mumbai Valorant server and receives a hit-back

Image via Riot Games
Image via Riot Games

Since Valorant's official launch in June 2020, Indian fans have been requesting an SA server. Riot launched a Mumbai-based server in 2020 and saw the frequency of the game's use shoot up to become one of India's most-played.

Esports players started testing the waters of the Indian Valorant server as well. However, toxicity and unethical practices have been a recurring issue for them. It still quite prevalent, judging by Sc0utOP's comment.

In a tweet, ex-Fnatic PUBG player, Sc0utOP wrote,

"Mumbai server is a joke in valorant as always."

His take on the Mumbai Valorant server has been supported by many. Yet, fans pointed out that Sco0utOP is also a member of that toxic community.

Lokesh "8bit_Goldy" Jain, another popular face in the Indian PUBG Mobile community, has also been blamed for spreading the bad culture.

Once players learn to understand the gaming culture, values, and gains, toxicity can be mitigated in Esports, especially in the Indian subcontinent.

Developers recently promised to incorporate a Ranked matchmaking ban for chat and an option to voice-ban players in future patches. Hopefully, Riot can reduce toxicity in the SA server. It will be crucial for the game's future in the sub-continent.

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