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Riot dev announces delay in Wild Rift's upcoming balance patch due to dev constraints

Image via Riot Games - Wild Rift
Image via Riot Games - Wild Rift
Modified 17 Feb 2021

League of Legends: Wild Rift is currently running in its beta phase and the developers are working hard towards optimizing the game for the players.

However, ping spike issues have been a common problem for online games, and Wild Rift is no different. Ping spikes are the prime reason behind lag, which is caused due to interference or congestion on the server routes. These routes are the major pathway for data to travel from the server to the mobile devices.

A lot of players have been complaining about ping pike issues on Wild Rift for quite some time. They have expressed their disappointment, as the lag-issue was letting them down in ranked games.

Riot did acknowledge their awareness of the problem. They ensured players that the issue would get resolved by February 16th. However, due to some unexpected constraints, Riot had to delay the balance-patch update by two weeks.

Wild Rift's balance-patch update release gets delayed by 2 weeks

Image via Riot Games - Wild Rift
Image via Riot Games - Wild Rift

Ping spikes and packet loss issues are the most common problems for mobile gamers. One of the main reasons for the game's recurring lag is Wild Rift's beta servers. A lot of improvements still await the handheld MOBA's servers. Multiple game-optimization and server expansion activities need to be completed before the official version's release.


Redditor u/lookzlike recently posted about the problem. Despite having a strong network connection, the issue with ping spikes kept on frustrating the Wild Rift player.

I am getting 20-30 lag spikes per game and it's insanely frustrating. I'm losing games because of this. I have a stable and strong connection. It happens with WLAN but also with my phone's internet. No ping spikes when this happens. Almost always in fights. My champ is running on the spot, nothing happens, and after that I'm dead.

Wild Rift's gameplay manager Jonathan “JCM1117” Chao, in a recent tweet, announced that his team is aware of the game's ping spike issues. Unfortunately, the players might need to wait for two more weeks for the new balance patch's release.

Many expressed unhappiness with the announcement as they had to bear with the ping spikes until March. Others, meanwhile, praised Riot for at least taking up the matter with serious concern.

Published 17 Feb 2021, 22:50 IST
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