PUBG Mobile: Top 3 tips to become a pro assaulter

PUBG Mobile assaulting tips
PUBG Mobile assaulting tips
Rohit Singh Jaswal

PUBG Mobile has reached the top charts in the battle royale genre across different app stores. The game has garnered millions of downloads and is loved by players of all age groups.

A player is considered a pro if he/she is a good assaulter in the game. An assaulter is the one who provides the team with an initial knock onto the enemy team. It helps the team rush onto the opponent squad and wipe them.

PUBG Mobile: Top 3 assaulting tips

#1 - Aim for headshot

PUBG Mobile cross-hair
PUBG Mobile cross-hair

In PUBG Mobile, the highest amount of damage is dealt with by connecting a headshot. All pro and competitive players to try to get more headshots over body shots.

With a good weapon in hand, players can take out opponents with two to three headshots, while it takes five to six body shots to knock down or kill an enemy in close-range combat.

To connect more headshots, players should keep their crosshair onto an enemy's head position. This can be mastered by practicing various pro drills on the training grounds.

#2 - Weapons matter the most image via PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile offers lots of weapons ranging from assault rifles, SMGs, LMGs, shotguns, sniper rifles, and more. When assaulting, having a good weapon matters the most. Having an appropriate weapon will give players the confidence to take their rival players.

Some of the best close-range weapons for assaulting are as follows:

  • Groza
  • M416
  • UZi
  • Mk14
  • M249

These are some of the best weapons that will help players win any assaulting combat. All the discussed weapons offer heavy damage per hit and come with an impressive fire rate.

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#3 - Practice more

Image via Panda YT
Image via Panda YT

To become a good assaulter, players need to grind and practice. One of the best ways to improve is by playing TDM or Arena matches. As most of the gunfights in TDM and Arena mode are close-range, players will definitely see loads of improvement in their assaulting.

Players can also play 1v1 in TDM mode with the help of custom room cards. After creating a custom room, players can invite some of their pro friends to play with them.

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