PUBG Mobile: Top 5 easiest titles to achieve in the game in October 2020

Image Credits: androidauthority
Image Credits: androidauthority

PUBG Mobile is now one of the most celebrated battle royale titles with a fan base of millions worldwide. It has several features and functions that help it stand apart from other titles in the BR genre.

One of those features is the Achievements section. The various accomplishments and titles in this game help individuals display their unique skills and tactical abilities to the world of PUBG Mobile.

To achieve these titles, the player has to fulfill the specified criteria and objectives. As soon as he/she meets the requirement, he/she can accomplish that particular title and display it on the player profile.

There are hard, moderate, and easy titles to achieve in PUBG Mobile, which depends on the effort, time taken, and skill and ability of a player.

In this article, we suggest some of the most straightforward titles a gamer can achieve in this game.

List of the five easiest titles to achieve in PUBG Mobile

1) Perseverance

Image Credits: AASUAU
Image Credits: AASUAU

The Perseverance title is easy to achieve in PUBG Mobile as it does not require any particular skill, ability, time, or effort. However, it may be a bit heavy and pricey on the pocket, as it involves purchasing the Elite Royale Pass for three straight seasons.

Though it may seem too expensive, if a player can max out his/her RP points to 100 in each season, he/she can earn back the 600 UCs every time for the next purchase of the Elite Royale Pass.

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2) Well-liked

Image Credits: Guru Gamer
Image Credits: Guru Gamer

This title is the easiest to achieve in the game, considering the efforts required to attain it. If a player gets a total of 1000 likes in PUBG Mobile, he/she can get this title. No extra effort or credit is required, as the player's teammates will do all the work.

After a match ends, teammates and friends can give a like to the gamer to increase the 'like' count in his/her profile.

3) Warhorse

Image Credits: Ned Stark
Image Credits: Ned Stark

Though this title requires time and patience, there is nothing complicated about achieving it if we look at it closely. A player has to grind a bit as it has a constraint of achieving any two out of six Weapon Mastery titles available in PUBG Mobile.

The easiest way to get this title is to accomplish the Assault Mastery, and Pistol Mastery titles, which require having 2000 kills with ARs and 200 kills with Pistols.

4) Season Ace

Image Credits: Gamer Hindustani
Image Credits: Gamer Hindustani

After a player reaches the Ace tier in PUBG Mobile, he/she can easily get this title. All that is required is to grind to this level, which is an easy task in tier pushing in every season of the game. However, a player must stick to the Ace tier and play at least five matches to attain this title.

This is one of the most common titles that displayed by every player in PUBG Mobile.

5) Overachiever

Image Credits: Reddit
Image Credits: Reddit

The Overachiever title does not require any extra work and credibility from the player, as it is a reward for completing other achievements in the game. It requires a player to acquire 2800 achievement points by completing several other achievement titles and missions in PUBG Mobile.

Though this title requires a lot of time, it is fruitful if we look at its overall requirement.

Disclaimer: What may seem to be easy for an individual, may not be the case for others. The titles discussed in this listicle are in the most generalized order.

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