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PUBG Mobile Update 0.13.0 is in Beta; Features New Gun, Godzilla Event And Much More

Rohit Jaswal
26 May 2019, 11:18 IST

PUBG Mobile 0.13.0 Beta Update
PUBG Mobile 0.13.0 Beta Update

PUBG Mobile has just released 0.13.0 version update for and it is now available on beta version. A lot of new features have been released in this PUBG update. It means we will soon be getting a taste of these features in the Global version too. A new gun is going to be introduced in this update along with new events.

#1 New Gun "Bizon"

A new gun Bizon is going to be made available in the game. It is based on 9mm bullets and is available in the PC version of the game.

PUBG Mobile 0.13.0 Beta Update Bizon Gun
PUBG Mobile 0.13.0 Beta Update Bizon Gun

The gun comes with an ammo capacity of 500 and is SubMachine Gun or SMG. It comes with hit damage of 35 and is very stable in the PC version. The gun is one of the best SMG available on PUBG PC. It is expected to be limited to one or two PUBG maps including Erangel and Miramar.

#2 Fully Stable Vikendi Map (Stable Version):

Vikendi map which was released in PUBG update 0.10.0 is still in its beta version. The map has various bugs and glitches. With most players opting to play in either Erangel or Sanhok, the number of bots in the Vikendi map are more than real players.

To counter this, in 0.13.0 PUBG Mobile has released the stable version of the Vikendi Map. It means that all the major bugs and glitches are resolved and now the map is more stable than before. The night mode is also going to be better with increased visibility across various devices. Also, some of the house bugs like not able to enter houses from various windows are also fixed in this update.

#3 Godzilla Event:

In 0.13.0 Beta Update, the Godzilla event has been released fully. PUBG Mobile has recently collaborated with Godzilla to integrate some features and events in the game. To celebrate the launch of Godzilla movie in theatres PUBG Mobile is giving various gift items to players including Silver Fragments and crates coupons.

PUBG Mobile 0.13.0 Beta Update Godzilla event
PUBG Mobile 0.13.0 Beta Update Godzilla event

There are some new loading screens, new avatars, and frames for the event. Many rewards are also given to players in the global version. Various Godzilla Graffiti or Paintings can be found across Miramar map. To know more visit the following link. A big Godzilla foot can also be found on Sosnovka Military Base. When you go inside it and rap on investigate, it rewards you with Crate Coupons.


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#4 New Team Deathmatch:

PUBG Mobile has released a brand new event named as Team Death Match Mode. In this mode, two teams of 4 players each play 10 minutes. After completion of 10 minutes, the team which has the highest number of kills wins the match.

The mode is the same as available in Call Of Duty Mobile beta version. Maybe PUBG Mobile has released the mode to counter the increasing popularity of Call of Duty Mobile among players. But the mode is in Beta version. It is still to be introduced in the global version. But it will be a good mode for sharpening your shooting skills and reflexes.

#5 Vikendi Secret Cave is Now Open:

When PUBG snow map Vikendi was introduced, there was a secret cave on the map which was open for players. But for some reasons, it was closed, and players were not able to enter it. It is situated near Podvosto and can be accessed by crashing a vehicle on its entry. It is impossible to go on foot into the cave without breaking it with a vehicle.

The cave will give you level 3 armor loot and some main guns like AWM and AUG A3. So it will be fun to test this cave out when the global update comes out. It is going to attract more players to play in Vikendi map. So there are more increased chances for many gun-fights and close combats in the cave so it will be fun for the players to see who wins the battles.

Tencent Games has introduced PUBG Lite, a toned down version of PUBG and players can now experience the battle royale game on low end PCS and mobile devices.

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