PUBG Mobile vs COD Mobile: Which game has better graphics for Android phones in 2021

Image via TalkToHand Youtube channel
Image via TalkToHand Youtube channel

Activision’s COD Mobile is a modern take on shooter games and the battle royale genre. Call Of Duty is a famous title on PCs and other platforms, and it was an achievement for the company to successfully make something similar for mobile gamers.

The entry of PUBG Mobile, meanwhile, revolutionized the mobile gaming world. The game introduced new limits to how people perceived gaming on smartphones.

Both are brilliant games, albeit with stark differences. One of the significant points of difference between the two is their graphic performance. The visual aspect of a game is an essential factor, and often, a key marker of how good it is.

This article draws a brief comparison between PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile based on their graphics.

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Graphics of PUBG Mobile

Image via Quora
Image via Quora

Based on the Unreal Engine, PUBG Mobile offers smooth yet decent graphics. The game has realistic looking visuals, which players can change using the graphics menu.

It also offers different settings, ranging from smooth to extreme. The latter graphics option drains the battery but provides excellent visuals to players. However, this setting works well only with high-end devices.

Graphics of COD Mobile

COD Mobile graphics options
COD Mobile graphics options

Activision has based COD Mobile on the UNITY 2016 Engine, which gives an intense competition to PUBG Mobile’s Unreal Engine. The company has optimized the game beautifully, and it shows in the game’s visual performances.

COD Mobile runs smoothly on most devices, which PUBG Mobile cannot do, especially when extreme graphics settings have been opted for.


Image via The daily star
Image via The daily star

Graphics and visual aspects of a game are subjective and highly dependent on player preferences. However, from a general perspective, COD Mobile offers vivid colors and a slightly pleasing appearance compared to PUBG Mobile.

The differences between the two are subtle and shouldn’t necessarily be the critical factor in deciding between the two games.

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