PUBG Mobile: Who is Fnatic Aurum?

I am Fnatic
I am Fnatic

I have been part of the gaming community for almost a decade now. From playing CoD casually to becoming coach to one of the biggest PUBG Mobile teams in India, I have come a long way. Even though Fnatic has become a household name, there any many fans that are unaware of the hardships that go into our preparations. I wanted to use this platform to tell my side of the story, and how my journey has been so far.

There is a lot to Aurum than meets the eye, so here goes!

Q. Who is Aurum?

I am Pratik Mehra, and my IGN is Aurum, which is the scientific name for Gold. I am the current coach of Fnatic’s PUBG Mobile team.

Q. How did Aurum start gaming?

I initially started playing games casually back in 2011, when I had just joined college. I was introduced to CoD 4 (Modern Warfare), which was very popular back then, and it immediately sparked a love for gaming inside me. In 2018, I picked up PUBG, and by the end of 2019, I had managed to become coach of Fnatic’s PUBG Mobile team.

Q. What does Aurum do apart from gaming?

Currently, I am heavily-invested in PUBG Mobile and my team. However, my main core is commerce and I have also worked in IBM for three years.

I have worked at IBM
I have worked at IBM

Q. What social media handles does Aurum have?

My Discord ID is aurum #9650, and my Instagram id is @fnatic_aurum. I also have a YouTube channel, where I usually do gameplay streams.

I have more than 31.4k followers on Instagram
I have more than 31.4k followers on Instagram
I have more than 41.3k followers on YouTube
I have more than 41.3k followers on YouTube

Q. Where is Aurum from?

I am from New Delhi.

Q. What did Aurum do during his school days?

I was a very bright student in school. I scored 85% in 10th and 90% 12th, and hence my school days were very enjoyable and satisfactory.

Q. Has Aurum given any competitive exam?

Apart from normal college exams, I haven’t given any competitive exam.

Q. Where did Aurum go to college?

I went to Maharaja Agrasen College, which is affiliated to Delhi University.

Q. Who is your favourite player in Fnatic?

Fnatic is a star-studded team, so it's very hard to pick one. I love each of them, and I am proud of how far they have come.

In Fnatic, everyone is equal to Aurum!
In Fnatic, everyone is equal to Aurum!

Q. What do Aurum’s parents think about his career in eSports?

Initially, like most parents, they were a little bit worried. Gaming was not something that could generate income consistently, and it was not sustainable. However, with the recent growth of eSports in India, they are more than happy to support me. I believe, in order to win your parents’ trust, you have to struggle a bit and show them the results of your hard work.

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Q. Who are Aurum’s favourite PUBG players of all time?

Kaymind, who is a professional PUBG PC player for Team Liquid, is someone I look up to and admire a lot.

Q. What is Aurum’s favourite Indian PUBG mobile moment of all time?

When Fnatic won PMAS and Rounak called me on to the stage to lift the trophy, along with the rest of the team, I believe that was my favourite one.

PMAS Champions
PMAS Champions

Q What is Aurum’s favourite food and why?

For no specific reason, I love chicken briyani, and love trying it from different places.

Q. Does Aurum like other sports, apart from eSports?

I was a basketball player in school, and I also played cricket here and there.

Q. What is a role of PUBG Mobile coach?

There is no one defined task that I have to do as a coach. I have my fingers dipped in everything, and whether it’s developing in-game strategies or boosting team morale, I do it all.

Q. Where can one buy Fnatic’s merchandise?

Fnatic merchandise is available on the official website of Fnatic. Anyone interested can simply buy it from there.

Q. Where does Aurum see himself in five years?

Five years down the line, I see myself as a successful coach. I also urge players who are passionate about gaming to seriously consider eSports as a career, and not think of it as a taboo.

Q.What questions do fans ask you the most, and what is the answer?

Since I am a coach, I mostly get questions regarding gameplay strategies and how one can improve at the game. I am planning to release a series on my YouTube channel, where I will dissect all the in-game strategies and tactics.

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