PUBG Mobile: Who is Maxkash?

  • From reading about different theories to gorging on Bhindi-Aloo made by my mother, there is more to me than just PUBG Mobile.
  • If given the opportunity and if I am able to prove myself globally, I would love to help develop the Esports landsacpe.
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I am Maxkash
I am Maxkash

I started gaming at a very young age and have transitioned to PUBG Mobile, after starting out playing games such as Maxpayne, Vice City and NFS.. Currently, I am a competitive PUBG Mobile player and I love devoting a majority of my time to enhance my game-play. 

Apart from that though, there is another side of me that plenty of people don’t know about. I am an avid reader and I like to explore things through a different perspective whenever possible, which includes my adulation for understanding different theories. 

But, as i said, this is only a tiny bit of information that people don’t know about me and I feel the time is right for me to take you deeper into my personality and my PUBG Mobile traits and answer all the questions that people have often asked me. 

So, here it goes!  

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Q. Who is Maxkash?

I am a 20-year-old ordinary boy who has always been into gaming. Currently, I am a competitive PUBG Mobile player.  

Q. How do Maxkash start gaming?

I started playing games at a very young age. I played games like Maxpayne, Vice City, NFS, or anything I could get my hands on. I usually played story mode games but Maxpayne sparked a love for FPS games. I had a normal PC but back then, games weren’t as demanding as they are nowadays.

Q. What does Maxkash do apart from gaming?

I am currently in my second year of B.COM Hons. and it takes most of my time apart from gaming. I also like to read about different theories and fascinating things such as the evolution of mankind or something along those lines. 

Q. What social media handles does Maxkash have?

I am only active on YouTube and Instagram as of now.

I have 52.5k followers on Instagram
I have 52.5k followers on Instagram
I have 33.2k subscribers on YouTube
I have 33.2k subscribers on YouTube

Q. What is the real name of Maxkash?

My real name is Akash Anandani.

Q. What city is Maxkash from?

I am from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

Q. Has Maxkash given any competitive exam?

I haven’t appeared for any competitive exams yet.

Q. Where did Maxkash go to college?

I go to Sadhu Vaswani college in Bhopal and I am in my second year.

Q. Who is your favorite player in MGZED?

The Dude is my favourite player in MGZED. He has a very chill attitude and he doesn’t panic, even when the situation is tense in PUBG Mobile. He is a great cook as well, which is a bonus for having him on the team.

I represent MGZED
I represent MGZED

Q. What do Maxkash’s parents think about his gaming?

They have valid concerns but they have full faith in what I am doing. I haven’t left my academics and although most of my time goes into gaming, I am far from leaving education. My academic results have also been good so far in college, so my parents don’t object to my gaming.

Q. Who is Maxkash’s favorite player of all time?

There isn’t anyone in particular but I really do admire RRQ’s Earnny and XQF’s Paraboy.

Q. Which city does Maxkash currently live in?

I currently live in Bhopal.

Q. Which is your favorite Indian PUBG Mobile Moment of all time?

The whole first Campus challenge that took place in the country was the biggest PUBG Mobile moment of all time for me. I witnessed the event and it changed my perception about gaming. It was clearly visible that gaming is going to be very big in the upcoming years.  

I am currently focusing on competitive play
I am currently focusing on competitive play

Q. What equipment does Maxkash use for gaming and streaming?

I use iPhone XR for playing PUBG and Hyperx Earphones for hearing in-game sounds. I use Omelette Arcade software for streaming. I am currently focusing on competitive play instead of streaming which is why I don’t have a professional setup yet. 

Q. What is Maxkash’s favourite food and why?

Bhindi-Aloo cooked by mom is my favorite dish to have. I have been fortunate enough to eat different types of dishes from all over the country but nothing satisfies me more than the Bhindi-aloo cooked by my Mom.

Q. Does Maxkash like other sports?

Yes, I am a big fan of Cricket. I even used to play local tournaments for my city.

Q. What is Maxkash’s In-game settings?

I am a thumb player in PUBG Mobile and my Gyroscope is always on.

Q. What is Maxkash’s PUBG Mobile ID?

My PUBG Mobile ID is MGZeD Maxkash

Q. Where can I buy Maxkash’s merchandise?

I have a few ideas regarding my merchandise that are yet to be implemented. So, I would ask you to stay tuned for that.

Q. Where does Maxkash see himself in five years?

I cannot say about the upcoming 5 years, but I want to see myself competing on the global level in the upcoming year. If I am able to prove myself globally, I would like to help others and get Esports recognized in our country.   

Q.What questions do fans ask you the most and what is the answer?

I usually get a lot of questions regarding my DMR Skills in PUBG Mobile and how I am able to handle DMRs easily. The answer is very straightforward. It is a result of a lot practice and grinding in the game. 

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Published 20 May 2020, 19:47 IST
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