PUBG Mobile: Who is Ocean?

I am Ocean Sharma
I am Ocean Sharma

I started my YouTube channel after a fun bet with my friend. The goal was to reach 2,50,000 subscribers on the platform within the span of a year, and that’s how I embarked on my journey. My life has been full of ups and downs, drama and a lot of people.

After kicking off my eSports career, I’ve been fortunate enough to meet a lot of new and talented people. I’ve learned a lot over the past few years, and every experience has made me a better gamer. So, without further ado, here are some tidbits from my personal life that you may or may not have heard of yet!

A look at Ocean Sharma and his life:

Q. Who is Ocean?

I am just a normal 24 year old who has a knack for gaming. I am a gold-medalist at the Science Olympiad, and also received the ISTSE award from the late Dr APJ Abdul Kalam back in 2007. I won the Thinkquest contest back in 2011, and was awarded by Steve Jobs for the same in San Francisco. Overall, I'm a studious person who is passionate about gaming.

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Q. How did Ocean start gaming?

I started my gaming journey with cassette games, and was keen on doing Super Mario speed runs on my old console. I have been following Shroud and Ryukhar for a long time, and have always enjoyed watching them. Due to limited career options in gaming, I had to take a different path in my life, but when PUBG Mobile was released, I was instantly hooked. Since then, I have been a part of the Indian gaming community and will continue to do so.

Q. What does Ocean do apart from gaming?

I used to be a maths teacher, and it was something I used to do as a hobby. I have always been very fond of science, and enjoy reading articles about the same in my spare time. I also love Metallica, the Star Wars franchise, Marvel and comic books in general. I also took part in the Mr India auditions in Chandigarh back in 2018.

Q. What social media handles does Ocean have?

I use Instagram and Twitter. I also have a YouTube channel with the same name.

I have 248k subscribers on YouTube
I have 248k subscribers on YouTube
I have almost 78k followers on Instagram
I have almost 78k followers on Instagram

Q. What is the real name of Ocean?

Believe it or not, Ocean is, infact, my real name.

Q. Where is Ocean from?

I am from Patiala, Punjab. I've done my schooling and college from there as well, and it has always been an integral part of my life.

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Q. What did Ocean do during his school days?

As mentioned before, I was a very studious child in school. I have always achieved good grades, and it's something I take pride in. I've also won a bunch of competitions related to academics, and was fortunate enough to be a part of the Indian team that won second place at the global level Thinkqeust (2011) competition, which was held in USA.

I was studious as a child
I was studious as a child

Q. Has Ocean given any competitive exam?

I've cleared NDA's written exam a couple of times, but unfortunately, I was conferenced out each time. Apart from that, I've given a lot of Olympiads, and in 2007, I secured 7th rank in the International Science Talent Search Examination conducted by Putani Vignana.

Q. Where did Ocean go to college?

I have done Mechanical Engineering from Punjab University.

Q. How did Ocean get into casting?

I used to host small tournaments on my channel, which I casted to get a decent hold of language and the flow of words. Then, some officials approached me to cast Battle Adda 2. A week later, I was invited to do PMIT, and since then, I've been casting all major tournaments.

Casting is my passion
Casting is my passion

Q. What do Ocean’s parents think about his career in eSports ?

My parents have always been supportive of my life choices and work. They are quite aware of eSports and its meteoric rise, so they never questioned my gaming.

Q. Who are Ocean’s favorite PUBG Mobile players of all time?

I admire different players for different things. I would say Shroud for his mental game sense, Mortal for his game terminologies, Scout for his game dedication and frogman1 for his techniques. I admire all of them, but I am always open to learning about new players.

I am a Mortal fan
I am a Mortal fan

Q. Which city does Ocean currently stay in?

I stay in Patiala, but travel a lot for my work.

Q. Which is your favourite Indian PUBG Mobile moment of all time?

The impressive journey of Team Celtz at the recent PMCO was a pleasure to watch. The team with its discipline and sheer perseverance rose from 13th spot to winning the entire thing. However, my personal favorite moment came when I met MortaL for the first time in person. Even though he didn't know who I was, he wished for my well being, and I wished him all the best for his ongoing tournament.

Celtz's journey at the recent PMCO was commendable
Celtz's journey at the recent PMCO was commendable

Q. What is Ocean’s favourite food and why?

I love, love my mother's rajma chawal, as it is the best thing ever. I am a sucker for golgappe as well. Apart from that, I like to cook my own food. Another thing about me is that I don't like sharing food, and I am very similar to Joey from Friends when it comes to food.

Q. Does Ocean like other sports apart from eSports?

I like swimming and playing chess.

Q. What is Ocean’s PUBG Mobile ID?

My PUBG Mobile ID is 524195960

Q. What are the roles of a PUBGM analyst and caster ?

A PUBGM analyst has to be one step ahead of what everyone sees. The analyst needs to dissect the game and brief the general crowd about it.

A caster should be good with words. Everything should have an impact on the audience. A caster is what keeps the game alive even when the it becomes mundane.

Casters role is to keep the tempo up
Casters role is to keep the tempo up

Q. Where can I buy Ocean’s merchandise?

As of now, I have no plans of releasing my personal merchandise.

Q. Where does Ocean see himself in five years?

An author, a motivational speaker, a mentor, one of the finest analysts the eSports industry has ever produced, and maybe an actor. I am always hopeful for the future and I believe in optimism.

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