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PUBG News: Developers to Work Seriously on Fixing PUBG Mobile Game Bugs


PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile

There is a good news for the PUBG Mobile gamers. The developers are now taking some serious action towards fixing the burning issues. First, the implementation of Anti-cheat system in PUBG update v0.13.0 and then taking action against the bugs.

Recently, PUBG Mobile team has posted on PUBG Mobile subreddit about this issue and assured us to work on it. According to the Reddit user TENCENT_ocho, who is a part of the PUBG Mobile community team, the developer team is trying to get a deep insight about the bugs of this game so that they can work on them effectively,

Recently I traveled to HQ, and one of the topics I discussed with members of the Dev Team was helping to get deeper information about bugs in PUBG MOBILE so we can tackle them more effectively.

The team calls it reproductive step, which we call working on fixing the bugs. On that Reddit post, Tencent_ocho has also answered some burning questions about fixing the current game bugs. He said that fixing all the current bugs are not the main priority of the developers currently and they may be focusing on one particular bug at a time. But they are working on getting more information about these from the community itself,

No, these bugs are not necissarily the biggest priority. There are a lot of reasons we might be asking about one specific bug instead of another.

They have assured that once they get detailed information about one particular bug then they might be able to work on it to eliminate it from the game. Having said that, the developer team is also worried that, sometimes fixing a bug makes it worse. So, it is quite a risky business,

Repro steps are the most useful thing you can have when you are digging for a bug; without them it is sometimes like looking for a needle in a haystack. But even with steps it's not always easy to figure out the why, and once we have the why the fix might be worse than the current issue

Although this sounds quite promising from the developers part, time will truly show how much the developers can work on fixing the current game bugs to bring a better gameplay experience for the PUBG Mobile players.

Tencent Games has introduced PUBG Lite, a toned down version of PUBG and players can now experience the battle royale game on low end PCs and mobile devices.


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