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PMCO Fall Split 2019 South Asia Finals: Day 1 Match Highlights; Entity Gaming is at #1 Position in Points Table

08 Nov 2019, 20:35 IST

PMCO 2019 Fall Split South Asia Finals
PMCO 2019 Fall Split South Asia Finals

After the first day of PMCO 2019 South Asia Finals, the hype among the audience got doubled. A lot of intense fights, insane clutches, and breathtaking moments were seen on Day 1 of Finals. All the 16 teams played very well and served the toughest competition to each other.

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At the end of Day 1,Entity Gaming is currently leading on the top of points table with a total of 121 points. Following them, Zero Degree and RIP Official are on the #2 and #3 position on the leader board respectively.

So here are the highlights of PMCO 2019 South Asia Finals Day 1, along with unique moments of every match.

Match 1 (Erangel TPP)

Winner of The Match: Team IND- 6 Kills

The flight's route was away from the center of the map, so the teams didn't scatter much over the map. ETG Brawler took the very first kill of SA Finals by eliminating the GodL player. ClutchGOD from Team SouL showed a brilliant play by eliminating the whole enemy squad. In the final zone, the co-ordination between IND players was too good, which led them to get a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

Points Table after Match 1:

  • #1 Team IND: 26 Points
  • #2 ETG Brawlers: 21 Points
  • #3 Team SouL: 17 Points

Match 2 (Sanhok TPP)

Winner of The Match: Team TDP- 11 Kills


The second map got some early action in the paradise resort as 2-3 teams later moved towards it after looting the resources. FnaticOwais took a couple of kills with an OP M4+6X combo spray by killing Mega clan players. In the end, there was a 4v4 battle between team TDP and Entity Gaming, which was won by TDP with a total of 11 kills.

Points Table after Match 2:

  • #1 Entity Gaming: 38 Points
  • #2 Team TDP: 38 Points
  • #3 Team IND: 34 Points

Match 3 (Miramar TPP)

Winner of The Match: Entity Gaming- 15 Kills

Aman from Entity Gaming was fully loaded in the third map of Day 1. He pushed his team to victory with the help of his teammate Jonathan with a total of 8 kills. After this match, Entity Gaming has purely captured the leader board with 73 points while the second team have only 48 points

Points Table after Match 3:

  • #1 Entity Gaming: 73 Points
  • #2 Team INS: 48 Points
  • #3 Team TDP: 40 Points

Match 4 (Erangel TPP)

Winner of The Match: Team Synerge- 16 Kills

There was no early battle between any teams in the first two play zones. In the final zones, ETG Brawlers rushed on SouL clan and eliminated them by adding two kills in the leader board. Due to the favor of blue zone, Synerge clan won their first match of regional finals with a right amount of kills.

Points Table after Match 4:

  • #1 Entity Gaming: 77 Points
  • #2 Synerge: 58 Points
  • #3 Team IND: 51 Points

Match 5 (Vikendi TPP)

Winner of The Match: Entity Gaming- 15 Kills

In the Vikendi map, the play zone became an issue as it unfavoured almost all the teams. While doing a solid rotation, a couple of teams got clashed and lost their few players in the first zone of the match. Aman from Entity Gaming showed impressive game play by clutching in the final situation. Aman was the only player alive from his team, which further eliminated both Fnatic and Elementrix clan to achieve Winner Winner Chicken Dinner for Entity Gaming.

Points Table after Match 5:

  • #1 Entity Gaming: 112 Points
  • #2 Synerge: 64 Points
  • #3 Team INS: 62 Points

Match 6 (Erangel TPP)

Winner of The Match: Entity Gaming- 10 Kills

In this match, Team Soul made a solid comeback and finished at #4 Position. After this match, they got placed at ___ position in the overall leader board. RIP official was the winner of this match by pulling out an easy 4v2 fight against MegaStars.

Points Table after Match 6:

  • #1 Entity Gaming: 121 Points
  • #2 Zero Degree: 75 Points
  • #3 RIP Official: 71 Points

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