PUBG Snow Map: PUBG New Map "Vikendi's" New Video Leaked, Reveals a Detailed Look of the Map

PUBG Snow Map: Vikendi (Dohor Otok)
PUBG Snow Map: Vikendi (Dohor Otok)
Hrithik Raj

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground will be launching its 4th map in the installment as a beta before December 31st. The map will be made available in the test servers before December 31st. Thanks to the Reddit user allthenewsisgoodnews who also is a PUBG data miner, we have a chance to look at the new snow map Vikendi (Dihor Otok).

Today he revealed a new video titled “The Re-Making of Vikendi (new PUBG snow map) (Dihor Otok)”. The 9-minute long video reveals a detailed look at the new Vikendi map (aka Dihor otok).

The whole PUBG map is almost covered in snow while in the previous lead we saw only 60% of the map was covered in snow. Building and structure has been textured. Though it's not complete you can see the difference while comparing the two videos.


The new video also revealed the street view of some towns (possible hotspot location), a close up of the frozen river which leads to a bridge and connects to a small town. We got to see the roads which were filled with snow which indicates players can indeed spot other players using vehicle tracks. Also, we had an inside look at a structure which looked like a cathedral, which looks somewhat similar to a structure that we see at the beginning of Assasin's Creed Brotherhood.

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The video also revealed the Cosmodrome location, the area which is connected through a small bridge. There were also some platforms kept in towns, which can be used to perform stunts. There were more trees and other assets.

Overall we can see how great the new PlayerUnknown’s Battleground map is turned out to be, even though it's not complete. This map can help the developers to regain their numbers on PC which has been declining day after day. I don't think the fully textured map will be released in the test servers because the latest videos show that there are still many structures that are not textured and are not complete.

Well, we have already entered the month of December and in few weeks we will get to play the new map. We will update you all if any new news arrives.

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