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PUBG Update: Why PUBG Snow Map Vikendi is not yet playable on PUBG Mobile even after being included in December 18 Update?

Hrithik Raj
18 Dec 2018, 14:20 IST


PlayerUnknown's Battleground Mobile servers were taken offline from 00:00 UTC to 09:00 UTC on December 17 for the update v0.10. The upcoming snow map Vikendi for PUBG Mobile was also added in the update 0.10 that was passed to stores on December 18. The update is currently available to download, but you will not yet get the chance to play the new PUBG Map. The changes which is available right now follows:-

- A Snow theme to the main menu.

- Arabic language support.

- Cross-server matchmaking. 

- Players may now report suspicious behavior while spectating after dying.

- New Firearms Finish Upgrade System.

- New Season spending rewards.

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The official update message from the developers said, "Vikendi, a 6km x 6km snow map, is coming in the new update! Availability will be announced at a later date, so make sure to keep an eye out!". This lead to many questions that PUBG Mobile fans were trying to get an answer of like Why PUBG Mobile Snow Map Vikendi is not yet playable even after being included in December 18 Update?

Since PlayerUnknown's Battleground Mobile snow map vikendi was included in the update 0.10 its confirmed that the map is not delayed due to any bugs or performance issue. What I think, the reason behind not making the map available immediately on PUBG Mobile can be that the developers are planning something or simply they didn't want to launch the snow map for mobile with the PC launch.

Though I don't think the later statement of mine can be true, going to the first statement I think the plan is to release the map on 20th of December or on 24-25 December as a Christmas gift/event. Well what do you all think ? Tell us in the comments down below.

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