"Purple Snakes": Dr Disrespect continues to take shots at Twitch

Image via Dr Disrespect, YouTube
Image via Dr Disrespect, YouTube
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Ever since Guy "Dr Disrespect" Beahm was banned on Twitch, he has continued to take shots at Twitch in several ways, and he hasn't slowed down.

A recent video from Esports Talk on Youtube focused on the story of Dr Disrespect and Twitch. More specifically, it was about the many shots that Doc has continued to take against the streaming platform after he was banned.

One of the most recent examples was in a reply tweet from Dr Disrespect to Tim "TimTheTatman" Betar. Raven Software had tweeted out various fixes for Warzone, such as the stim glitch and the DMR balance changes. TimTheTatman thanked them in a reply, and Dr Disrespect took shots at Tim.

By the end of the thread of tweets, Dr Disrespect said:

"Wow, great friends. Have an incredible stream, guys. Pogchamp."

The comment is in obvious reference to the original Pogchamp emote being removed from Twitch after comments from Ryan "Gootecks" Gutierrez about the storming of the Capitol in the United States. Dr Disrespect has shown in the past that he'll mock other twitch streamers for rules on the platform.

Back in December, Doc also tweeted about calling other players "simps" and "virgins" (which has been banned on Twitch) if it is seen as a form of harassment. It probably would be in Doc's case, but he doesn't have to worry as a YouTube streamer.

Dr Disrespect's Twitch case and the Purple Snakes song


Those aren't the only shots Dr Disrespect has taken. He's made off-hand comments, such as saying that he doesn't join the purple server in Discord.

He's also tweeted about having a DMCA strike full audio experience on his stream after the DMCA problem on Twitch continued. Some streamers even played Doc's music on stream because it was DMCA free.

Dr Disrespect has hinted at more music to come, which he claimed would be called Purple Snakes. It's not a very subtle title, and it would be yet another addition to the many shots that Dr Disrespect has taken against the purple platform.

The ban of Doc took place over the summer of 2020, and details on why the banned happened are still murky, which has been an enigma to many in the streaming community.

Theories have gone around, which have been fuelled by others or Dr Disrespect himself, such as the three cadets. But the ban will remain a mystery until either Twitch or Doc decide to make a statement.

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