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Herschel "Guy" Beahm IV or as he is popularly known as, 'DR. DISRESPECT', is an American Internet celebrity, and an online streamer. He used to stream on Twitch until he was banned from the platform in June 2020. He currently streams on YouTube. Beahm streams several games, including battle royale games, such as Fortnite, H1Z1, Black Ops 4: Blackout, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, Call of Duty: Warzone and Apex Legends. Beahm has over 3.2 million subscribers on YouTube. Before his ban on Twitch, Dr. Disrespect had over 4.45 million followers.

Dr Disrespect Net Worth Height Age 2020

Real NameHerschel Beahm IV
Nick NameDr. Disrespect
DOB (Age)March 10, 1982 (38 years)
WifeWife's name not yet revealed. She uses the alias 'Mrs Assassin'
Height2.03 m or 6 feet 8 inches
Weight209.43 lbs or 95 kilograms
Net Worth$ 6 million
Source of WealthOnline gaming streams, Stream Donations, Subscriptions, Advertisement, Merchandise Sales and Sponsorships Deals
Address/ResidenceEncinitas, California, USA
Subscribers3.88 Million (updated 21 April, 2022)
Total views284 Million (updated 21 April, 2022)

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How much is Dr. Disrespect's Net Worth?

As of 2022, Dr. Disrespect's Net Worth is estimated to be $ 7 million. One can definitely argue that Guy Beahm's Net Worth would have been higher but for the Twitch ban. And it sure seems to be a plausible reason, that if Dr. Disrespect was not banned from Twitch, where he had over 4.45 million followers and steady revenue, his Net Worth could have been much more than what it is currently.

Dr. DisRespect’s net worth can be attributed to his game streams, streaming donations, subscriptions, advertisements, merchandise sales, and sponsorship deals.

Dr. Disrespect's Family

As Beahm says, "At the end of the day, what keeps me going is the family". Beahm lives a happy life with his wife and a daughter at Encinitas Blvd, Encinitas, California, USA.

Dr. Disrespect's wife is famous by the name "Mrs. Assassin" on Instagram and in the Twitch world, however, she remains low-key, and very less information is available in the media.

She last spoke out on Instagram and thanked fans for their love and support following her husband’s ban from Twitch.

How much money does Dr. Disrespect make?

Earnings by playing Fortnite

Dr. Disrespect plays a wide variety of games, a major chunk of which are Battle Royale Games. Amongst others, Dr. Disrespect has also played Fortnite quite a few times while streaming. He however doesn't fancy the game much. He has also never entered any major Fortnite tournament. He has been very vocal about his views on Fortnite. In 2019 he said that instead of Fortnite, games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or CS: GO should have $30 Million events.

Imagine Counter-Strike putting on a $30 million dollar tournament. Wooho! Now you’re talking real. Now you’re talking stakes, now you’re talking entertainment. Now you’re talking true, pro gaming at its finest" , said Doctor Disrespect in an interview.

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Earnings as a Youtuber

After his ban from Twitch, Dr. Disrespect turned to YouTube Gaming. He made his comeback to the streaming world on August 7. His comeback stream attracted more than half a million followers. Dr. Disrespect makes approximately $2000 every day from his streams, advertisement, sponsorships, and other sources of income. Guy Beahm has over 3.2 million subscribers on YouTube. So far his channel has almost 500 videos. Most of his streams attract over 500k views with a few getting over 1.5 M views.

Earnings via Twitch Streaming

Before Dr. Disrespect was banned from Twitch, he had over 30,000 paid subscribers. Dr. DisRespect earned approximately $30,000 – $35,000 a month from paid subscribers alone. This means around $300,000 a year just from subscribers. All that without taking into account, other channels of revenue such as advertisement and donations. It would be a bad guess if Dr. Disrespect would have been earning well over half a million dollars a year from streaming on Twitch alone.

Earnings as a Social Media Influencer

Apart from being a well-known name in the gaming industry, Dr. Disrespect is also an internet celebrity and a social media influencer. His Facebook page has over 240 K followers. His Instagram page has almost a million followers. And, on Twitter, Dr. Disrespect has over 2 million followers. One can attribute a fair share of Dr. Disrespect's Net Worth and income to social media platforms.

Other Sponsorship deals

Over the years, Doctor Disrespect has been a part of several lucrative sponsorship deals. Some of them are G-Fuel, Gillette, Asus, and Razer. He predominantly appears on the Twitter pages of Mountain Dew Game Fuel and Roccat.

Other Earnings

Dr. Disrespect is an advisor at Boom TV. The online gaming community platform was founded by Sumit Gupta who is also the current CEO of the company. The two main products of the company are its Code Red Series and its tournament organization platform. The company plans on increasing Code Red prize pools, developing relationships with influencers, and invest in eSports in the future.


Dr. Disrespect believes in keeping his professional and private lives separate. That is the reason why there is very little to no information about his lifestyle. He lives with his wife and daughter in Encinitas, California.

We know that Doc loves cars. His most recent purchase as revealed by him on Twitter is a 1981 DC Lorean.

Dr Disrespect DeLorean DMC-12 Car

Pic Courtesy: Dr. Disrespect's Twitter Account

The famous car from 'Back to the Future' is one of the several cars Dr. Disrespect owns. It is also speculated that he owns a number of Lamborghinis.

Dr Disrespect Lamborghini Car


Q. How much money does Dr. Disrespect make in a day?

Dr. Disrespect makes an approximate of $2000 every day from his streams, advertisement, sponsorships and other sources of income.

Q. How many viewers did Dr. Disrespect have on twitch?

Dr. Disrespect had 4.45 million followers on Twitch. Before he was banned from the platform, he had accumulated over 12.21 million hours in viewer hours.

Q. Is there a Dr. Disrespect TV Show Upcoming?

In late 2019, Dr. Disrespect signed a TV deal with Skybound Entertainment, for an animated Dr. Disrespect. The plot of the show will be how a fictional character based on Beahm, worked his way to the top.

Q. Is Dr. Disrespect actually the TWO-TIME?

Dr. Disrespect often refers to himself as 'The Two Time Champion' or 'Mr. Two-Time'. He claims to be the two-time ' Blockbuster Video Game World Champion' after he won back-to-back NBA Jam Tournaments in 1993 and 1994. But there is little proof to back up his claims.

Q. Is there any Dr. Disrespect Book Upcoming?

Yes, Dr. Disrespect announced his personal memoir titled 'Violence. Speed. Momentum', on August 17, 2020. The book is due to be released on March 30, 2021.

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Did You Know?

1. Why did Dr. Disrespect got banned from Twitch?

The reason for Dr. Disrespect's ban from Twitch is still unknown. Recently Dr. Disrespect addressed the issue and cited an ongoing legal battle, the details of which he did not reveal, as the reason for his ban from Twitch. There is however still no definitive answer to 'Why exactly did Dr. Disrespect got banned from Twitch?'.

2. What Cars does Dr. Disrespect Own?

Although we are not sure about how many and what cars do Dr. Disrespect owns, we have seen him in the driver seat of a red Lamborghini Diablo quite often in his streams. Recently he also shared a photograph of a brand new 'Back to the Future Car', a 1981 DC Lorean on his Twitter.

3. What is Dr. Disrespect's famous catchphrase and motto?

Dr. Disrespect's Motto is 'Violence. Speed. Momentum'. It is also the title of his upcoming book.

Dr. Disrespect quite often says "I'm on top of the mountain, and I'm only halfway up!" during his streams.

Last Updated: 21 April 2022

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