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The Dr Disrespect Twitch ban ft. Slasher

Image via Dr Disrespect/YouTube
Image via Dr Disrespect/YouTube
Modified 24 Dec 2020, 10:15 IST

Dr Disrespect and his ban was brought up to Rod "Slasher" Breslau during a streamed interview from CodeMiko.

CodeMiko had Slasher on as a guest for an interview, where she asked him all kinds of questions, including those about leaks. As questions were quickly tossed out by CodeMiko, Slasher addressed some major topics, and the biggest one pertained to Dr Disrespect and his ban.

In a very abrupt manner, CodeMiko asked, "Why did Dr Disrespect get banned?" After a few moments of silence, Slasher claimed that he still knows the reason for Dr Disrespect's ban.

Slasher chose yet again to stay quiet for the most part about the ban, and his statement was:

"You know, for several months now, I have been told from credible sources the reason that Dr Disrespect has been banned."

CodeMiko was surely waiting to get the scoop after so many months of not knowing the reason for the ban. Unfortunately, Slasher defaulted to his previous stance, saying:

"However, due to the importance and the sensitivity around the subject, I have refrained from responding or telling anyone the answer."

While everyone wants to know the reason for Dr Disrespect's ban, the answer still isn't clear. There are all kinds of stories circulating, and Slasher himself has been involved in the drama since day one. Esports Talk also brought some interesting points into the equation.


Slasher and his role in the Dr Disrespect ban drama

Slasher is known as someone who gets the first scoop on the news within the gaming industry.

He has leaked all kinds of information, such as Overwatch 2, and he certainly has some real sources to pull from. But, his coverage of the Dr Disrespect story has been far different than his past leaks.

Further into the CodeMiko interview, she asked if he regrets leaking anything. Slasher alluded to a leak from a few months ago. It's not confirmed, but it can absolutely be the Dr Disrespect leak he is talking about.

Back in June 2020, when Dr Disrespect was initially banned, Slasher was one of the first people to claim that he knew the reason for the ban.

After tweeting that he knew, he claimed he would not say due to the sensitivity. Many implications were made that it was very serious, and Dr Disrespect would essentially be done on any platform.

The last part isn't true, as Dr Disrespect is arguably more successful now compared to when he was on Twitch.

Dr Disrespect himself hinted at the idea of Twitch breaking his contract in order to afford "three cadets" to replace him. Those could have been Shroud, Ninja, or anyone else signed to Twitch after Mixer fell through.

Whether Slasher really knows remains to be seen. Either he is saving his credibility on the subject, or the situation really is that sensitive. The streaming world will just have to wait even longer to find out.

Published 24 Dec 2020, 10:15 IST
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