Dr Disrespect may have revealed the reason for his Twitch ban

The Doc insinuates that there may be another reason for the ban (Image via Dr Disrespect)
The Doc insinuates that there may be another reason for the ban (Image via Dr Disrespect)

Herschel "Guy" "Dr Disrespect" Beahm IV has been very about his Twitch ban, but might have revealed another reason for it.

In a recent clip from a Dr Disrespect stream, a viewer sent in a holiday donation. This prompted the Doc to say he wished he could also donate to some of the viewers.

"I wish I could donate to you guys," he said before making a mocking voice about why he doesn't do more charity events.

He responded to his mock question by detailing his last charity event on the stream. Dr Disrespect said:

"I mean, last time we did a charity, we raised $80,000 and then got banned."

The Doc didn't explicitly say that was the reason behind his ban, but he continued to insinuate that it may have had some bearing.

Dr Disrespect ended his take by saying:

"I kind of want to stay away from charities for a while."

According to a Tweet from Jake Lucky, who hosts Esports Talk, Dr Disrespect had announced in June that all donations from that month would be given to Black Lives Matter charities. That same month, he was banned, and now Dr Disrespect is saying he wants to stay away from charities for a while. It raises a lot of questions.

Dr Disrespect and the possible reasons behind his ban


The ban of Dr Disrespect has been an ongoing enigma for the public for a long time. No one knows for sure if Dr Disrespect knows the real reason for his suspension. However, many are reasonably sure that he is aware of the cause, and Dr Disrespect has lent credence to those claims.

He may only be waiting to keep legal cases quiet, which he has alluded to in the past. But even reporters and leakers such as Slasher have decided to stay away from the situation. No one will give any kind of concrete evidence.

That hasn't stopped Dr Disrespect from starting theories on his own, though. Just a few months ago, he discussed the three-cadet theory, which was based on Mixer's downfall. He insinuated that he had been banned from Twitch in order to break the massive exclusive deal that he had with the platform.

The reason for the suspension would have been to save money and sign three new cadets, which many speculated to be Michael "Shroud" and Richard Tyler "Ninja" Blevins at the time. This theory was never made concrete, though, and Doc's latest statement on charities makes the situation even more confusing. Hopefully, the community will get some answers in 2021.

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