Pyramid Head loses purpose as Silent Hill web domain gets let gone by Konami

Designer art for Pyramid Head by Masahiro Ito (Image via Konami)
Designer art for Pyramid Head by Masahiro Ito (Image via Konami)

Much to the despair of fans, Konami let go of the Silent Hill web domain yesterday as the domain of the website expired. Apparently, some other entity has already snatched the chance and has already taken control of the situation by owning the web domain.

Ever since the release of Silent Hill 3, fans of the series have corralled to voice their demands for a remake or revival of the much-beloved series. Not only did Konami stay silent about any possible comeback from the series, but they also let go of the web domain that hosted any information regarding the game.

While this news came as a shock to the gaming community, it was the designer of the iconic Pyramid Head, Masahiro Ito, who stands to lose everything in the process, along with his creation.

Significance of Pyramid Head in Silent Hill

To understand the emphasis and impact of the Pyramid Head, one must dive deep into the lore of Silent Hill 2. According to the Book of Lost Memories, Pyramid Head appears to be a form of executioner.

However, with some deep inspection, it comes off as an incarnation of James Sunderland’s consciousness that is stuck in constant guilt and looks for atonement through punishment. A quote from the book entails,

"In the town of Silent Hill, a power exists that gives discernible form to people’s innermost thoughts."

And thus, Pyramid Head is nothing but the personification of James’ own psyche which struggles to find atonement.


The designer of Pyramid Head, Masahiro Ito chose to cover the face of this monstrosity because he didn’t want to give this creature of darkness any recognizable features. With this decision, he ensured that players could relate to the facelessness of one’s guilt and atonement.

@adsk4 For those asking whyPyramid Head has grown too popular. Konami will never make another Silent Hill without Pyramid Head, but Pyramid Head was supposed to be for James only.

The loss of Pyramid Head’s purpose

While Pyramid Head was created specifically for Silent Hill 2, it soon became the beacon and face of the series. So much so that it even appeared in the Silent Hill movie where it had no business being in.

After the web domain got let go by Konami, Masahiro Ito showed his grievance on Twitter as he stated his regret over creating the monster in the first place.

I wish I hadn't designed fxxkin Pyramid Head.

Not only was Pyramid Head introduced into the movie, but its popularity made its way so far into the gaming community that other game developers started utilizing Pyramid Head in games that are not even related to the series.

Even games like Dead by Daylight used Pyramid Head extensively as a hunter in the game. To add insult to injury, apparently, Masahiro Ito was never even paid for every single time Pyramid Head was used in different places.

@adsk4 Thank you for at least being honest about your work. Most of the silent hill fanbase, from my perspective, has always been lowkey disrespectful to the creators of the project. Thats just how it is for most fanbases nowadays-no respect for those who make the content they love

Although fan projects for Silent Hill remain and the alumni developers’ team look forward to their newer releases, there is no telling when or if there will be any revival in the future.

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