Quincy Crew's Dota 2 roster washout Black N Yellow roster in DPC Season 2

(Image via Egamersworld)
(Image via Egamersworld)
Chitrak Mukherjee

Black N Yellow, spearheaded by the legendary Jacky "EternalEnvy" Mao, was clean sweeped 2-0 by Quincy Crew in a best of 3 series of Dota 2 in the NA DPC Season 2 2021.

#1 Game 1 of Dota 2 between Quincy Crew and Black N Yellow

(Image via Dream League)
(Image via Dream League)

Jose Esau "esK" Perez Coronel had an extremely dominant presence all over the map as the Storm Spirit, allowing enough space for the legendary EternalEnvy to farm on his Wraith King.

Wraith King did not underutilize his farm in any way, as BnY were dominating in most of the team-fights due to the dominating presence of the Wraith King. They took down Roshan, the beast that drops the Aegis of Immortal.

EternalEnvy took down Roshan late in the game once again, teleporting to the bottom lane's creeps so that he could hit the ancient, which ends a game of Dota 2 On the other hand, Quincy Crew's Nature's Prophet continued to rat, and destroyed all towers on his way, thus ending the game before EternalEnvy could.

Even though they lost, esK played a really dominating Storm Spirit and finished the game of Dota 2 with a score of 15/6/13,

#2 Game 2 of Dota 2 between Quincy Crew and Black N Yellow

The match 2 draft (Image via DreamLeague)
The match 2 draft (Image via DreamLeague)

In the second game, Quincy Crew looked to be in control from minute 5. YawaR had a very easy lane, compared to EternalEnvy.

The Juggernaut led by a huge margin, and after a team-fight near the Dire's secret shop where Faceless Void died and the Juggernaut was left un-harmed, Team BnY called the GG at minute 16.

The off-lane Viper on the side of Quincy was very effectively played by Rodrigo "Lelis" Santos, who finished the game with a near perfect score of 6/1/2.


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