"My house is on fire!": RuneScape streamer Radishboy's house catches fire while live on stream

Radishboy's house catches fire on stream (Image via Sportskeeda)
Radishboy's house catches fire on stream (Image via Sportskeeda)

In an unfortunate incident, Twitch streamer Radishboy's stream was interrupted mid-way due to a house fire. The streamer was forced to evacuate while his stream caught visuals of the event.

Radishboy was streaming RuneScape when his fire alarm began ringing. Upon investigation, he found his downstairs area completely covered in smoke. After a quick call to 911, the streamer left his house, exclaiming:

"My house is on fire! Holy f***** s***!"

The streamer and his family escaped unharmed. He has since tweeted regarding the incident and the condition of his house.

Hey everyone. I will reach out in the future to all the private messages please forgive me if I never respond. It’s a tad overwhelming. I’ll share 1 photo until I’m ready to share anything else. Fire department said total loss/unlivable and we are trying to salvage things now.

Radishboy's house catches fire during his RuneScape livestream

In a now-deleted VOD, popular RuneScape streamer, Radishboy's house was seen catching fire.

ATTENTION LEAGUE HAVERS I will be hosting a Minigame Run through today for all that want to join. Starting at 10 AM est world 411 Soul Wars (please have the tutorial completed)Join the stream you cannot attend please retweetahomie

Radish was in the middle of narrating a story when he heard the sound of his house's fire alarm. Initially dismissing it, Radish returned to the sound, even asking his viewers if they could hear it. He then turned off the game's audio, and the sound of the fire alarm became evident.

"My fire alarm is going off, probably should check that out... Do you guys hear it? *whispers* Yeah, I probably should check that out."

He then rushed out of his room to investigate the trigger. Returning barely a minute later, he informed the stream that his house had caught fire. He walked off-stream once more to make the call to 911.

"My house is on fire. I'm not even joking. I have to call 911. Holy f***. Holy f***. "

When he returned, his conversation with the dispatcher could be heard in the background of the alarm ringing.

"Yeah, I'm still in the house. I mean, it's just filled with smoke downstairs. I don't know how big it is or what's going on. "

Returning to his viewers, he addressed them:

"I'm just gonna leave the stream on, just in case s*** gets crazy. My house is on fire! Holy f***** s***!"

The streamer was presumably instructed to leave the house. The stream continued, displaying his room, and the continuous blaring of the fire alarm.

Within 10 minutes, the entire room was engulfed in smoke.

Fans display concern after the streamer's house fire

While viewers on Twitch witnessed the events unfold first hand, others were updated as the clip circulated on Reddit. After the tragic chain of events, fans and friends have extended their condolences to the streamer.

@RadishboyVids Incredibly horrifying. I hope your family recovers well. Bless.
@RadishboyVids So sorry you are dealing with this. This is every home owner's worst nightmare. Just glad nobody was hurt. Things can be replaced, people can't. If you setup a GoFundMe please post the info. @Twitch is an amazing community and I am sure people would be willing to help. #Twitch
@RadishboyVids so glad you’re ok brother

The streamer has requested his viewers and friends to be patient regarding any further updates. Radishboy and his family are safe and unharmed. Fans can expect a GoFundMe page or similar funding portal to be set up to aid the streamer financially.

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