Rainbow Six: Extraction gameplay and cinematic trailer revealed at Ubisoft Forward

Rainbow Six: Extraction received new trailer along with a release date (Image via Ubisoft)
Rainbow Six: Extraction received new trailer along with a release date (Image via Ubisoft)

Ubisoft has revealed a new and extensive cinematic game trailer for the latest addition to the franchise, Rainbow Six: Extraction, at Ubisoft Forward. The game is set to be released for Xbox, PS and PC platforms on September 16th.

According to the first announcement that came back in E3 2019, the latest title in the Rainbow Six franchise was to be called Rainbow Six: Quarantine. But as of a few days ago, Ubisoft officially renamed the game Rainbow Six: Extraction.

After two long years of development, fans of the Rainbox Six franchise finally got to see a brand new cinematic reveal, quickly followed by an extensive gameplay description by various personnel from the developer’s team.

Rainbow Six: Extraction breakdown

Ubisoft Forward kickstarted this year’s digital expo, E3 2021, with the brand new cinematic reveal of Rainbow Six: Extraction. The trailer shows the backdrop of the game, along with the operators involved in the gameplay.

The trailer shows all the operators of the popular shooter by Ubisoft, Rainbow Six: Siege, gather together, as one of them, Hibana, has been captured by some sort of “unprecedented evolving alien threat.” As the operators get together to plan a rescue, three of them are seen entering the scene of rescue, where they engage in battle against alien organisms.

The cinematic trailer showed each and every operator using their own unique abilities and gadgets to help one another and finally rescue Hibana. But after the mission was over, their team lead, Ash, is heard mentioning something along the lines of “VIP is down.”

This tactical action-adventure FPS game is seen to emphasize multiplayer play, however, the game will boast solo mode along with a co-op mode allowing up to three players.

After the cinematic reveal, the Community Developer of Ubisoft Montreal, Richard Stanford, introduced two of the lead members of the development team of Rainbow Six: Extraction. The Technical Director, Bruno Lalonde, and Game Designer, Alicia Fortier, joined the party after the introduction.

In the next segment, Alicia explains some trivial matters regarding Rainbow Six: Extraction's gameplay. She said:

Extraction is a 1-3 player co-op experience. You might think you know what you’re getting into since it’s gonna be some of your favorite Rainbow Six operators. But it is going to be completely different, because this time you’re not fighting against each other, you’re coming together to face an unprecedented evolving alien threat.
Edited by Nikhil Vinod
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