Ranking Stardew Valley potential marriage partners

Marriage is possible for players. Image via Stardew Valley
Marriage is possible for players. Image via Stardew Valley
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There are 12 characters that Stardew Valley players generally interact with more and try to improve their relationship with and that's because they represent the potential Stardew Valley marriage partners. There are partners that are better than others, so here's how they rank.

Ranking marriage partners in Stardew Valley

12. Haley

Haley is a bit of a rude character, but if Stardew Valley players marry her it's not a bad thing. Overall, all of the partners are fine, but someone has to be last. Additionally, she only has five total gifts that she likes or loves, making it a bit harder to improve the relationship.

I married Haley in Stardew Valley and every morning she’s been waking up to water my crops for meHaley, I have sprinklers for everything

11. Elliott

Elliott is pretty static as a character. He's a bit mysterious and it can be fun to be married to a novelist, but that's about all that he brings to the table. He's got eight gifts that can improve the relationship, which still isn't a ton.

ive never married anyone on stardew valley before, elliott's such a beautiful person (*/Ο‰οΌΌ*)

10. Penny

Penny is fairly restrictive. She's a teacher, which means she devotes a ton of time to her job. Additionally, she tries to be a good role model for her students, so no drinks or wild activities. She has 11 gifts that will improve the relationship, so that's helpful.

I married Penny tonight in Stardew Valley and I---πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ’–πŸ’–

9. Alex

Alex has had a rough life, and that carries over into the marriage. He's a fairly basic partner, too, which doesn't make him all that appealing. He has two gifts that he loves, otherwise it will harm the relationship, so he's also difficult to get to the necessary heart levels.

Alex, a potential partner. Image via Stardew Valley
Alex, a potential partner. Image via Stardew Valley

8. Shane

While he eventually gets better, Shane begins the game extremely hostile towards the player, and they often don't forget that. Plus, he's in rough shape with alcoholism and other issues.

hands UP if u married shane in stardew valley cause ur a clown that luvs toxic men with issues

7. Maru

Maru will tell Stardew Valley players that she originally planned on building a robot husband, but that the player is more fun. That's true, but Maru has to have someone who shows interest in what she's interested in, and that can be difficult.

Married Maru In Stardew valley early this morning.

6. Sam

Sam is fairly clueless and often misses out on information because he's so clueless. He's not very aware of what's going on, but he's a nice partner and will be good to whomever he marries. He only has five likes and loves, though.

Stardew Valley Update:Abigail confessed she has feelings for me.I am married to Sam.I honestly didn't think this game would do this to me.

5. Harvey

Harvey is a nice partner and he has a great job in being the town doctor. However, he's kind of awkward and dorky. He does have plenty of likes and loves, though, but his awkwardness can be rough for Stardew Valley players.

It's another beautiful Stardew Valley wedding! @amyokuda's character married Harvey and it is totally her first wedding! She was never married to Shane before this!

4. Emily

Emily's friendship is the only way to acquire the Red Plate recipe. On top of that, she's a very energetic partner and loves to make her partner happy.

Emily, one of the top marriage partners. Image via Stardew Valley
Emily, one of the top marriage partners. Image via Stardew Valley

3. Leah

Leah lives alone in a cottage in the woods, which is a pretty cool place to live for Stardew Valley partners. She is also pretty dynamic for a marriage partner and has 25 likes and loves, so it's easier to keep her happy.

36. LeahMy stardew valley wife we're married <33333

2. Sebastian

Sebastian is one of the most popular love interests in Stardew Valley. He's an introvert and loves to work on his computer, but players who are playing the game (mostly on PC) are also at their computer. It's a bit meta, but it works for most.

Despite all of the glaring warning signs, I have married Sebastian in Stardew Valley & learned that, in fact, matrimony does not fix emotionally stunted garbage dudes

1. Abigail

There aren't many downsides to Abigail's partnership and she will even join players in the mines. That's a devoted partner and she's energetic and imaginative.

Married Abigail in Stardew Valley today!! Aaaa I am so happy haha it is my first time getting married in this game!!

Which Stardew Valley partner is the best?

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