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Red Dead Online Beta: New Huge Update Out, with new modes, Weapons, Outfits, World Enhancements and more

Hrithik Raj
Modified 20 Dec 2019, 21:46 IST

Red Dead Online Beta
Red Dead Online Beta

Rockstar Games has released its first huge update for Red Dead Online. The new update size up to 26 GB and can be downloaded right now. Red Dead Online new update includes new outfits, new weapons, new game modes and daily challenges along with some early access rewards that are exclusive to PlayStation 4 users. There are some major and minor changes done to the world of red dead online as per the response from the community. Now, without any further ado lets have a look at the latest update and the changes we get to see.

Daily Challenges

The new daily challenges let you earn those precious currency of Red Dead Online. You can earn gold nuggets and experience points for completing red dead online daily challenges. Daily challenges include a wide and diverse variety of objectives ranging from skinning animals to finding treasures, winning in game feuds and such other objectives. You can view your daily challenges by going to your player menu. There are a total of 7 daily challenges which rotate each day. While each of the seven daily challenges earn you XP and gold nuggets, you can grab a bonus reward if you complete all the challenges.

Fool's Gold

The new huge update of Red Dead Online includes a new event named as "Fool's Gold". In this event players fight each other to wear a protective suit of golden armor. Wearing the golden armor in fool's gold grants you armor and points, it can also be used to get an upper hand on your rivals and to rack up those kills of yours. You can take the armor from other guy/wearer by simply killing them.

Target Races

Rockstar Games always had the mettle to improve red dead online and make it more interesting for players. This is proved by their new announcement of new modes which will come to red dead online each week. Meanwhile we the new target races which is just like a death race where you race while taking out your opponents with weapons.

In Red Dead Online target races you can put your highwaymen skills to test whether you can survive the deadly death race with the other players. Take down your opponents with high speed and accuracy. You can use weapons like the bow to get an upper edge in the race, on the other hand you will also get horse stamina pick ups. Use your limited amount of arsenal wisely and take out your competition to win the race.


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