Reddit user points out why Dota 2 is still difficult for a new player to join

(Image via Valve - Dota 2)
(Image via Valve - Dota 2)
Chitrak Mukherjee

Dota 2 is one of the most difficult games to start as a fresh player. Not only does the game have hundreds of intricate and complex in-game mechanics, but the community is also unforgiving.

A Reddit user chose to use r/DotA2 to express his frustrations with regards to the community.

An anonymous Dota 2 player expresses his grievances regarding the New Player Mode and the rest of the community

A Reddit user stated that he had introduced his wife to Dota 2, as he had been playing it for a long time and wanted to play it with his loved one.

As it turned out, the experience wasn't good at all. His wife learned the spells of two heroes: Crystal Maiden and Witch Doctor. As she was comparatively new to Dota 2, she could not execute the spells in proper order or execute the combinations as they are intended to be.

She probably got mass-reported by her teammates in a solo queue all-pick of Dota 2 so that she could learn the game of Dota 2 in a better way. She then got placed in the low-priority pool where she had to play and win a Single Draft match.

The Reddit user claimed that his wife did not like playing a hero and she did not know the spells. Luckily for her, her opponents in Dota 2 abandoned the game and got out of it.

This still does not excuse the fact that the new player mode, which was introduced in Dota 2 very recently, is extremely clunky and offers nothing but bot matches.

Though there are rewards, such as new attractive skins and announcer packs for new players, it's ultimately just bot matches. It is not really a lesson for new players in Dota 2. The bots have some very specific movesets and pathing, whereas players in real life think.


People on Overwatch found her guilty. Overwatch is the newest system in Dota 2 to judge guilty players (griefing, feeding). In this scenario, the reported players are judged by other Dota 2 players, and they deliver the verdict if the player is guilty of the accused charges or not.

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