Redditor reveals a bizarre way to scare away wasps in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Wasps in Animal Crossing. (Image via Ordinary Reviews)
Wasps in Animal Crossing. (Image via Ordinary Reviews)
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Wasps in Animal Crossing can be pests. While they can be caught, donated or sold for a nice price (2,500 bells), they are harmful. They are considered harmful bugs and have been since their introduction in the original Animal Crossing.

They command a high price, but wasp stings are not fun. A wasp sting will cause players to have their faces swell up.

This is fairly easily fixed, though. Players can buy the medicine from the Nooks at Resident Services or talk to villagers and they may be inclined to give away a DIY recipe for it.

One way to fix wasp stings, though, is to completely avoid them. That's easier said than done, but one Redditor has found an interesting way to do so.

Swollen face from a wasp sting. (Image via Nintendo Life)
Swollen face from a wasp sting. (Image via Nintendo Life)

Avoiding wasps in Animal Crossing

When shaking trees and looking for insects, branches and other items, a wasp nest can fall right into players' laps. This can be dangerous, because there's only a few seconds before the wasps swarm and sting.

It's fine if a player is collecting them, because once one is captured (only one can be collected out of a swarm), the swarm will dissipate.

Stung by wasps.( Image via Animal Crossing, Newsweek)
Stung by wasps.( Image via Animal Crossing, Newsweek)

Redditor friedbread234 found a rather unique way to get the wasps that have fallen out of the tree to go away: using a party popper.

Players will need to act fast because wasps don't waste time. If they have a party popper available, then there'll be no trouble getting these insects to leave.

This is very useful because a wasp nest, while not expensive (it can be sold for 300 bells) is a useful item in some DIY recipes. It is difficult to get without harming oneself with a sting, so this is an excellent way to do that safely.

As for party poppers, these can be purchased at Nook's Cranny all year round for just 100 bells. It will disappear after being used, so it will need to be purchased over and over again.

Still, acquiring a wasp nest is lucrative enough as it sells for 300 bells, that's a 200 bell profit for Animal Crossing players. It's not a lot, but it certainly adds up.

Is this the craziest way of getting wasps to leave?

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