Resident Evil Village: 10 secret easter eggs you probably missed

Image Credits: Reddit
Image Credits: Reddit

Resident Evil Village packs quite a lot of details from previous games and the Resident Evil movies. However, finding all of these subtle hints may be harder than you think.

From the Duke's dialogue interactions to hidden names of items throughout the game, pieces of the story connect to other villains and characters from before. Capcom weaved these clues well, so don't feel left out if you missed them.

10 hidden things you missed in Resident Evil Village

1. The Duke and the Merchant

One of the Duke's dialog lines that pops up when the player enters the shop is "What're ya buyin? Haha, something an old friend of used to say." The line he quotes here was originally spoken by the mysterious merchant in Resident Evil 4, linking the two as acquaintances if not good friends. You can watch the referred line at 0:24 seconds in the video below.

2. The red wine

In the beginning scene, Mia pours Ethan a glass of red wine. The bottle is labeled "Regina Rose," which translates to Red Queen in Romanian. The interesting thing here is that the main antagonist from the first Resident Evil movie is a villainous AI named the Red Queen. This name also pops up in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.

3. The book in the beginning scene

Upon walking around in the opening sequence, players can find a book titled "A Historical Look into the Architecture of Eastern European Castles and Keeps" written by George Trevor. As it turns out, George Trevor is the same guy who built the Spencer Mansion in the original Resident Evil game.

4. Heisenberg's Redfield reference

When Ethan Winters fights Karl Heisenberg, one of the primary villains in the game, the genius inventor calls Ethan a "boulder-punching asshole." This is a reference to Resident Evil 5 when Chris Redfield literally punches a massive boulder into the lava while fighting his primary enemy, Albert Wesker. This line can be found at 3:34 in the above video.

5. Redfield's light

At the end of the game, Chris Redfield lights a cigarette in the helicopter in a specific way that ties to how the live-action version of his character did the same. It's subtle, but it's nice to see the consistency in his character's personality.

6. The Umbrella Corporation references

The infamous octogon symbol of Resident Evil's corrupt pharmaceutical company shows up all over the game, but the way it connects differs from what many think. Umbrella's founder, Oswell Spencer, connects with Mother Miranda in a larger way through the letter than he wrote her, which can be found in her cave towards the end of the game. In the letter, he mentions the four lords, the four main bosses other than miranda and how he was inspired by their symbol. This ultimately led to Spencer basing the Umbrella logo off of the four lords symbol Miranda used.

7. David's lab from Alien: Covenant

Mother Miranda's lab is almost identically laid out to look like David's makeshift lab from the most recent Alien movie. The same types of experimentation happen in both locations and set Miranda up to be a sick version of a creator, much like David was when he used different organisms to breed the Xenomorphs in.

8. The changing Main Menu

As the story progresses in Resident Evil Village, the times of day and state of decay alternate. A small feature Capcom inserted to keep players in the game-world mindset is the main menu landscape, which changes in correlation to the state of the game. When it's dark in the game, it's dark on the main screen. It's not too much to get excited about but it's worth a mention.

9. House Beneviento

As is known by most Resident Evil fans today, Resident Evil 4 underwent multiple prototype changes before its official release. Resident Evil Village holds a nice little connection to one of the prototypes in House Beneviento with the overly creepy doll scenes. In Resident Evil 4, Leon was attacked by dolls in the Goth Mansion, and the entire setting of House Beneviento refers to that aspect of the game.

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10. Ethan's mold problem

Ethan Winter's continual hand trauma leaves many questions unanswered by how he just gets his hand sliced off, pours some liquid on it, then heals miraculously. His healing abilities aren't magic or anything, but the truth is just as interesting. Ethan Winters died in Resident Evil 7 and now lives his days as a walking mold monster during 7 and 8 without much realization of the fact. This plot point is hinted at when Lady Dimitrescu drinks his blood and says that it's going stale. So, Ethan's status as a reanimated mold monster was foretold throughout much of the entire game.

Edited by Gautham Balaji
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