Returnal "no save" issue: Lack of traditional save feature leaves players disappointed

Everything to know about the "no save" issue in Returnal (Image via Housemarque)
Everything to know about the "no save" issue in Returnal (Image via Housemarque)
Modified 02 May 2021

Housemarque's latest PS5 exclusive title, Returnal, is making quite a few waves on the internet, but fans are disappointed at the lack of a traditional save feature in the game.

Saving the progress made by an individual has always been an integral part of single-player games. However, Returnal does not feature any options for players to save their progress. The game features an auto-save option that automatically saves any permanent upgrades that a player earns.

The issue is that these auto-saves can only be triggered by ending a specific cycle in Returnal. Turning the game off before completing a cycle will result in all the progress being disregarded. This has led to multiple players being extremely disappointed with the new PS5 exclusive title.

Here's everything that players need to know about the lack of a traditional save feature in Returnal, as well as what the developers had to say about it.

"No save" issue in Returnal

Like most single-player games, a traditional save feature was highly anticipated for Returnal. Developers at Housemarque have confirmed that there is "nothing to announce now."

It seems like the developers have no plans to introduce a traditional save feature in Returnal. Nevertheless, there is one workaround that players can use to prevent losing all their progress in a specific cycle.

Players can use the PS5's idle mode to simply have the game on pause without consuming massive resources. This will not only prevent the game from being terminated and losing all progress but also allow players to resume the game according to their own preferences.

Having said that, keeping their PS5 running in idle mode is not a viable option for everyone.

Although Housemarque has confirmed that there is nothing to announce for now, mass outrage from the Returnal community could lead to the introduction of a much-needed save feature in Returnal.

Published 02 May 2021
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