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Fortnite: Where is Faze Jarvis after his permanent ban?

Rishabh B.
Modified 17 Aug 2020

Every experienced Fortnite gamer knows about the existence of cheats and laggers in the various game modes. Players seem to teleport, can see and shoot through walls and buildings, and have unlimited ammo or health. This is something gamers have been complaining about for a long time, and while there isn’t a lot that Fortnite's devs do, there have been occasions when they have responded strictly.

One such incident that we all remember is of Faze Jarvis' permanent ban, which happened in September 2019. In a live stream, Jarvis was seen making a new account, which wasn’t connected to his main one, whilst explaining to his viewers what exactly it was that he was doing. However, this went against Fortnite guidelines.


He wanted to check rumors regarding Fortnite banning players permanently for using hacks such as aimbot, which enables automatic aiming of weapons and greatly enhances a player's shooting accuracy. Furthermore, Jarvis explained that he had heard new accounts were getting quickly banned in these scenarios. And as the stream was live and watched by thousands of viewers, within a day, the incident had exploded across the internet.

Fortnite responded by giving him a permanent ban, which in turn led to considerable outcry in the streaming community. Most notable was Ninja, who posted a video on his Twitter account mocking the ban. You can look at everything Ninja had said in this article.

Further, you can watch the stream which led to Jarvis' permanent ban in the first place below. It was uploaded on YouTube by ItsHummy.

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Where is Fortnite's Faze Jarvis now?

Around a week after his ban, Jarvis posted a confession/apology video on his YouTube channel, where he explained his actions, and claimed that he hadn’t realised what he was doing would lead to such a hard consequence. Further, he announced that he was pretty much quitting the game, something that filled his fans from around the world with considerable dismay.

You can see the teary-eyed video uploaded by him on YouTube below:

Since the video, Jarvis was confirmed to have left LA and his £11.6 million mansion to get back home to the UK, where he now is a full-time YouTuber. Fans had speculated that the gamer could start streaming a different game, but his busy YouTube channel suggests otherwise.

Around a week later, Jarvis posted the following video, where he could be seen in higher spirits:


The last time Jarvis was seen streaming a game was back in April/May, when he streamed Minecraft and Valorant for a day or two. Since then, there has been no news about a return to the gaming scene altogether for him, let alone Fortnite!

Even if initially, people thought his antics had been deservingly punished, that has made way to a general understanding among people that the permanent ban was indeed a bit too harsh. Since the end of last year, he has come out and spoken in an attempt to outline the various ways in which Fortnite had changed his life.

Jarvis said that he was a shy boy raised in a middle-class family, who saw his entire life changed due to gaming. His mother went another step and claimed that Jarvis did not have a single ‘devious bone’ in his body, and fully recognises and accepts the consequences of his mistake. In fact, he was one of the first popular Fortnite streamers Britain had produced.


There is no doubting that there are an insane number of cheaters that you can see on Fortnite on an everyday basis. In such a scenario, most feel that permanently banning Jarvis, when his offence may not even fall under the cheating label, seems incredibly harsh.

Regardless, since the incident, he seems to have moved on, and posted the music video below in January 2020:

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Published 07 Jul 2020, 18:04 IST
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