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Fake and memeworthy video of Rick Astley donating $3 million to Pokimane goes viral

A video of Rick Astley simping over Pokimane is doing the rounds on the internet- is it true?
A video of Rick Astley simping over Pokimane is doing the rounds on the internet- is it true?
Modified 19 Oct 2020

Imane "Pokimane" Anys is one of the most popular streamers in the world, with millions of followers across various social media platforms.

Over the course of her career, the 24-year old Twitch streamer has consistently been at the top of the streaming pile and is known for her gameplay and reaction videos, in addition to her online persona, replete with a 'Kawaii' e-girl appeal.

She is also known for her huge fan base, who are often known to go overboard with their fandom, on account of which they are referred to as 'Simps' and are a common source of ridicule amongst the online community at large.

We've often come across numerous instances where simps have made exorbitant donations to the Moroccan-born star, which also include a whopping $80 million donation, from a certain special someone.

Now, a fake video which is doing the rounds on the internet is that of Rick Astley, the man behind the evergreen song 'Never Gonna Give You Up', simping over Pokimane, to the extent of even donating $3 million !

But it turns out that the content was created for laughs and memes!

Debunking the Pokimane $3 Million donation ft Rick Astley


In the video similar to the $80 million donation video, the original clip which plays involves Pokimane running off-camera excitedly as she chases fellow YouTuber CallMeCarson, who sneaks in and steals her diary.

In reality, the story behind the $3 million Pokimane donation is nothing but a farcical meme that was recently created to mock the outrageous behavior of simps who often tend to go overboard with their donations.

The catch? We have popular British singer Rick Astley hilariously crooning and simping over Pokimane, as he belts out lyrics from his award-winning and iconic single 'Never Gonna Give You Up'.

This also serves as a prime example and allusion to the phenomenon of 'Rickrolling', which is a popular Internet meme based on Rick Astley's 'Never Gonna Give You Up' music video.


In a hilarious and witty video, the following donation message also pops up on screen, which features lyrics from 'Never Gonna Give You Up':

"Rick Astley donated $3,000,000 . We're no strangers to love, I'm never gonna give you up , never gonna let you down, never gonna run around, and hurt you"

Featuring witty editing and clever use of Rick Astley's evergreen track, the Pokimane $3 million donation video thus serves as yet another parody of the outlandish behaviour of simps.

Published 14 Oct 2020, 04:35 IST
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