Riot announces the next league of Legends event, "Rise Of The Sentinels"

Riot announced the next league of Legends event, "Rise Of The Sentinels," to go live on 8th July (Image via Riot Games)
Riot announced the next league of Legends event, "Rise Of The Sentinels," to go live on 8th July (Image via Riot Games)
Sayantan "BibÖzil" Chowdhury

The prolonged wait for League of Legends' Ruination of Runeterra event might be coming to an end for fans as Riot Games released a new teaser stating "the flames of Ruin ignite in Rise of the Sentinels.”

The Ruination event is set to go live on July 8th, Thursday, which is also the server entry day for League of Legends patch 11.14. The teased image on League's official Twitter handle features Ruined Shyvana with a quote that states:

“Sentinels, why do you persist... chasing what you don’t understand?”

"Sentinels" here are most likely being referred to as the "Sentinels of Light," who, according to League of Legends lore, are an ancient order of hunters formed in the Blessed Isles. Its members scattered all across Runeterra, defending it from the undying spirits of the Shadow Isles that spawn from the Black Mist.

The new "Sentinel of Light" champion might be revealed through the upcoming League of Legends event

Image via Riot Games
Image via Riot Games

Going by the League of Legends lore, there were five notable members of the Sentinels of Light, namely, Anabal, Daowan, Lucian, Senna and Urias.

Of those, Lucian and Senna are already there on the League of Legends champions roster. Lucian's father, Urius, died of age and Anabel passed away while fighting against the undying spirits of the Black Mist.

The fifth Sentinel, Daowan, picked up Anabal's relic pistol and used it to aid Senna and Lucian in repelling the Black Mist. Since then, Daowan has not been mentioned in the League of Legends Lore, and thus many fans have placed him at the top of the upcoming champion's speculation list.

Last weekend Riot teased a short teaser trailer termed "The Fate of Demacia," that showed the mighty kingdom falling into ruination after being engulfed by a greenish-dark mist.

The upcoming event, "Rise Of The Sentinels," could finally reveal the backstory of the ruination battle, all across Runeterra featuring the return of Viego, the Ruined King. July 8th will unveil a plethora of secrets hidden behind the mystery of the Ruined Black Mist.

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