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Riot employee opens up about matchmaking in League of Legends: Wild Rift

Image via League of Legends: Wild Rift
Modified 21 Feb 2021

For a mobile MOBA, which is still in its beta stage, League of Legends: Wild Rift has done a tremendous job. It has brought the base game experience to an entirely new platform.

Even though access to the game is region-locked, Wild Rift has seen a player base that is growing exponentially in regions like the Philippines. Philippines is well on its way to having a booming esports scene surrounding the MOBA.

Even with all the great qualities, Wild Rift does come with its flaws. One of the most glaring issues with the game is that of matchmaking.

Both ranked and unranked matchmaking in Wild Rift can be an awfully frustrating experience. Players are often matched with trollers and AFKers, who often ruin the fun of Solo Queue. This forces players to find premade teammates even if they prefer playing alone.

Matchmaking has always been an issue in Riot Games' IPs. Wild Rift is not the only one that invites player grievances, as both League of Legends and Valorant suffer from the same.

Riot employee opens up about matchmaking in Wild Rift

The Wild Rift player who goes by the handle of Beluga-Xenomorph had some words on this in a recent Reddit post. He opened up about how frustrating the solo queue ranked grind is in the game.


What makes the post so surprising is the number of positive responses in the community. It seems that the Redditor is not the only Wild Rift player with the issue.

Matchmaking issues in competitive multiplayer games is an ever-mutating thing, and a Riot employee highlighted that in the thread.

The Redditor who goes by the handle of Riot_Soundwave replied to the thread with this statement:

“There's definitely a bit of a dice-roll around game knowledge, but the good news is that applies to your opponents too. One thing we've pretty successfully done so far is matched premades with identical premades, so at least you're not getting unevenly matched in terms of coordination.”

Matchmaking algorithms and detection software will keep improving in Wild Rift as it’s doing in Valorant. Fans can only hope for better competitive fairness once the game officially launches worldwide.

Published 21 Feb 2021, 21:37 IST
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