Risk of Rain 2: Survivors of the Void release date, price, and more

Risk of Rain 2 is getting a new expansion (Image via Sportskeeda)
Risk of Rain 2 is getting a new expansion (Image via Sportskeeda)

Risk of Rain 2 has been a fantastic game since its launch, and if recent developments are anything to go by, the game will grow even more significant.

The second instalment of the series does justice on the grounds of a tremendous rogue-like and adequate co-op. The game is now growing even more prominent with the upcoming release of Survivors of the Void DLC. Plans for the expansion had already been planned for a long time, and earlier on January 31, Hopoo Games confirmed their plans.

The time has arrived! Tune-in now as we are live on Twitch with our Survivor Reveal stream for upcoming expansion, Survivors of the Void! Be sure to look closely 👀Watch now:

Many details have been revealed via videos and streams, and the news has dramatically excited the fans. Risk of Rain 2 is a favourite of gamers, and the prospect of what will be the biggest release has opened new opportunities. Based on all the information revealed so far, there is already a release date and confirmed expansion pricing.

Risk of Rain 2 will get a new expansion in the form of Survivors of the Void

With Risk of Rain 2's success, it was likely that the developers would have been planning for something unique. Survivors will be the first main DLC of the game and have the scope to change the game in itself completely. The expansion consists of new survivors, missions, monsters and tons of additional content.

Who else is hyped for survivors of the void? The Void stuff is some if my favorite things in the game, and I can’t wait to see who the 2nd survivor is.I’m totally gonna main railgunner as soon as she’s out #riskofrain2 #twitch

The Survivors of the Void has been priced competitively at $15. The expansion will be available across all platforms where the base game works. There will be support for both older and current generation consoles.

The expansion will be coming on PCs first and available from March 1. The launch of consoles hasn't been informed yet and is unlikely to be far behind.

Of the two survivors, Railgunner's identity has been revealed. Railgunner is a sniper who uses her M99 sniper rifle to maximum usage and targets the enemies' weak points. She will be adding a lot of new strategies for the players to adopt a fresh playstyle, possibly to use her long-range damage output.


According to Paul Morse, co-founder of Hopoo Games, Railgunner is a deliberate attempt to change how players see the game.

“We gave Railgunner an FPS-style scope to challenge our game, and we ended up with a dynamic Survivor we are confident many players will enjoy.”

Another co-founder in the form of Duncan Drummond also had similarly good things to say about the upcoming expansion of Risk of Rain 2.

“As the first-ever expansion for Risk of Rain 2, Survivors of the Void is packed with loads of new content designed to give players different ways to play. Railgunner is just one piece of the puzzle, and there’s more fun stuff coming. Simply put, Survivors of the Void is going bigger than anything we have ever done before!”

While all of these are very positive developments, much more information, like the second upcoming survivor, is yet to be revealed. Fans are advised to follow the official channels for further updates.

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