What Roblox games have free VIP servers?

Some Roblox games have private VIP servers (Image via Roblox Corporation)
Some Roblox games have private VIP servers (Image via Roblox Corporation)

Roblox has plenty of games that players can jump into, and while many are only available on public servers, there are some that offer free VIP servers to take advantage of.

Free VIP servers may be hard to come by in Roblox because their existence is up to the developer. Each game within Roblox is developed by different people with their own ideas for mechanics or even monetization. The inclusion of VIP servers is a decision that has to be made.

So, what exactly is a VIP server in Roblox? It's essentially a private server that players can own for a set amount of time. It allows them to invite friends into their games without having to worry about public users or rules. Of course, many games within Roblox, or even beyond, will require some kind of purchase for a private VIP server.

There are games that have free VIP servers though. Typically, players can only take hold of one server at a time, but a free one never disappoints. Many of the Roblox games that have this option available are worth checking out.

Some of the best Roblox games with free VIP servers


Listed below are a few of the best games that players can play in Roblox that also have the option for a free VIP server.

Super Strike League

Many players will recommend Super Strike League as one of the best options for a free VIP server on Roblox. It's essentially soccer or football and players need to score in the opposing teams goals. However, they will also have access to gadgets and there will be in-game events that can alter the match.

Power ups and combat techniques can also change the dynamic of a Super Strike League match in Roblox.

Pet Show

The goal of this game is to dress the player's pet up and then participate in the pet show. Having a private VIP server allows players to use more custom options for their goals.


Previously known as Sky Block, players work to build their own islands and collect materials to further progress in the game.

A Block in Time

The final game is based on platforming, which sets it apart from the other titles with free VIP servers. There are weapons that can be utilized along with plenty of options for PvE or PvP.

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