Twitch streamers Roflgator and Lacari hilariously attempt to one-up each other on Mizkif's gameshow Schooled

Lacari (left) and Roflgator start an impromptu betting war on Mizkif's latest stream (Image via Sportskeeda)
Lacari (left) and Roflgator start an impromptu betting war on Mizkif's latest stream (Image via Sportskeeda)

On Mizkif's latest episode of his live gameshow "Schooled," contestants and fellow streamers Lacari and Roflgator started a betting war between each other.

Matthew "Mizkif" is one of the top Twitch streamers on the platform, forming many friendships with many of the other top creators on the site. He is one of the co-founders of the streamer organization "One True King," a group comprised of various online entertainers that often collaborate with one another.

One of the segments that Miz streams is his high effort live gameshows, where he brings on other streamers to compete against one another in fun challenges. His latest gameshow Schooled just debuted the first episode of its newest season, featuring the streamers Roflgator and Lacari.

Mizkif starts a betting war between Lacari and Roflgator

During one of the segments of the show, both the contestants were jokingly jousting with each other, saying that the other would be the first to lose the next challenge.

Miz then suggested that if both the streamers were so confident in themselves, then they should put money on the line.

"Alright, let's have a settlement right now. Whoever gets knocked out first has to gift the other person five subs."

This prompted the two contestants to think about the prospect of betting on themselves, both falling silent for a few moments. Roflgator then spoke up, saying they should raise the price of their bet.

"Let's make it... Twenty."

Lacari then responds by raising the stakes even more, showing that he is quite confident that he'll win. The two went back and forth, raising the price higher and higher.

"Make it thirty." / "Make it forty." / "Fifty!"

After Lacari brought the price up to fifty subs, which is around $250 USD, Roflgator decided to stop the betting war and say that they shouldn't be spending that much money. Lacari agreed with the comment, lowering the bet down to ten subs.

"We don't make a lot of money, Lacari. We're the small fish in this sea, dude." / "Let's go back down to ten, is that good? We cool?" / "We cool, dog, we cool."

Viewers react to Lacari and Roflgator's shenanigans on Mizkif's show

Some members of Reddit shared in the laughs, with others giving jokes of their own.

Mizkif's fans seemed to love the pair's back-and-forth on the stream, and with a great moment like this, it's easy to see why.