Royal Tournament in Clash Royale: Best deck, strategies and more

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Best deck, strategies and more in Royal Tournament in Clash Royale (Image via Supercell)

The Royal Tournament in Clash Royale revolutionized how players construct their decks. Unlike the conventional format, where players could only include one evolved card in their deck, the Royal Tournament allows participants to choose two from a pool of ten evolved cards.

This alteration has opened up a realm of strategic possibilities, reshaping the dynamics of battles and challenging players to devise decks that align with their playstyle and tactical preferences. This article provides the best deck for this tournament, along with a few strategies to ensure victory.

Royal Tournament deck and strategies in Clash Royale

Best Deck for Royal Tournament:

Crafting the optimal deck for the Royal Tournament requires a thoughtful selection of evolved cards complemented by versatile support and win-condition cards. Here's a suggested deck that capitalizes on the strengths of two evolved cards:

  1. Evolved Knight (3 elixir): A versatile and cost-effective tank that excels in both offense and defense in Clash Royale.
  2. Evolved Archer (3 elixir): Ranged attackers with enhanced abilities, providing excellent support for various strategies.
  3. Earthquake (3 elixir): A spell that deals damage over time, effectively countering swarms and buildings.
  4. Hog Rider (4 elixir): A fast and formidable win condition, capable of delivering quick and powerful strikes to enemy towers.
  5. Goblins (2 elixir): Swift and agile troops that can be used for both defense and counter-attacks.
  6. Ice Spirit (1 elixir): An inexpensive and versatile card that can freeze enemy troops, providing strategic advantages.
  7. The Log (2 elixir): A reliable spell for clearing swarms and pushing back enemy troops.
  8. Tesla (4 elixir): A defensive building that targets both air and ground units, offering solid protection for your towers.

This deck combines the strengths of the Evolved Knight and Evolved Archer, creating a balanced deck with an average elixir cost of 2.75 elixir. The low elixir cost ensures flexibility in deploying cards, allowing quick reactions to the opponent's moves.

Strategies for the Royal Tournament


1) Push forward

Deploy Evolved Knight at the front to absorb damage and act as a tank. Position Evolved Archers behind the Knight to provide ranged support and deal damage from a safe distance. Use Ice Spirit to freeze enemy defenders, allowing the Knight and Archers to inflict maximum damage to the tower.

2) Hog-Log combo for Tower strikes

Send in the Hog Rider to initiate an attack on the enemy tower. Time The Log spell to effectively clear any defensive troops or swarms that might hinder the Hog Rider's progress. This combination ensures a swift and uninterrupted assault on the enemy tower in Clash Royale.

3) Defensive setup

Place the Tesla as a defensive building, targeting both air and ground units. Use the Earthquake strategically to weaken enemy structures and defenses. This synergy creates a solid defensive setup, as the Tesla remains protected while the Earthquake chips away at the opponent's buildings.

4) Fast cycle and counter-attack

Cycle through Goblins and Ice Spirit rapidly to maintain a fast elixir cycle. Deploy Goblins to counter enemy troops and follow up with a quick Ice Spirit to freeze and weaken any remaining threats. This fast cycle and counter-attack strategy can catch opponents off guard, applying constant pressure.

5) Evolved Archers and The Log for swarm control

Deploy Evolved Archers to deal with air and ground swarms effectively. Use The Log to push back and eliminate remaining troops, ensuring a clean slate for your Evolved Archers to continue their support. This combination excels in maintaining control of the battlefield, especially against swarm-heavy decks in Clash Royale.

These synergistic strategies leverage the strengths of the selected cards, combining offense and defense to create a well-rounded and adaptable deck for the Clash Royale Royal Tournament.

This Clash Royale tournament introduces an exciting new dimension to the game, challenging players to think strategically and experiment with diverse deck compositions. With the right combination of evolved cards and a well-crafted strategy, victory in this tournament is within reach.

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