Clash Royale is set to introduce new Card Evolution 'Knight' - Stats, emotes, and more

New Card Evolution in Clash Royale
New Card Evolution in Clash Royale (Image via Supercell)

Prepare yourself, Clash Royale fans, for an exciting new addition to the game that will likely revolutionize the battlefield: the Knight Evolution card. This new card will be available in Season 50, which will begin in August 2023, and will provide not just improved stats but also a unique power that promises to change the dynamics of Clash Royale gameplay.

This article looks at the new Card Evolution and its stats, as well as its emotion.

The Knight is the new Card Evolution in Clash Royale



The Knight Evolution card, at its core, follows the theme of evolution cards that players have come to expect with each season. As the sixth card to undergo this transformation, the Knight Evolution is poised to provide a new and exciting gaming experience. The primary appeal of evolution cards is their increased stats, and the Knight Evolution does not fail in this aspect.

This developed Knight is set up to be a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, with a noticeable +10% boost in Damage per Hit, a substantial +33% rise in Hit Speed, and an amazing +30% increase in Hit Points (HP). These changes alone foreshadow the enormous impact the Knight Evolution will have on gameplay.

Unique ability


The actual gem of the Knight Evolution, though, is its extraordinary ability. This evolved card deals 80% less damage while moving across the arena in Clash Royale. This one-of-a-kind feature adds a strategic element to the action by allowing the Knight Evolution to withstand ranged strikes while in motion.

This skillful innovation opens up new options, as players can tactically deploy the Knight Evolution to successfully repel ranged threats. It's worth noting that the damage decrease will not activate during direct face-to-face fighting, guaranteeing a balanced and enjoyable gameplay experience.



Activating the Knight Evolution adds a strategic element to the gameplay. With two cycles required to activate the evolution, players will find that around one out of every three Knights deployed will transform into the evolved version. This activation technique is similar to other low-cost evolutions in the game, providing players with a recognizable pattern.

An emote based on the new Card Evolution 'Knight' will also be introduced in Clash Royale


Aside from its gameplay fundamentals, the Knight Evolution adds a fun element to the game with its unique emote. The Knight Evolution emote is an animation that depicts the metamorphosis of the Knight into his evolved form. When this emote is used in Clash Royale, it triggers a brief but visually appealing sequence.

The Knight character takes center place in the animation. He starts by getting dressed, and while doing so, he pulls an arrow from his armor. This action represents his growth and demonstrates his heightened battle readiness in Clash Royale.

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