Clash Royale Card Evolution update: New arena and more

A new season begins in Clash Royale
A new season begins in Clash Royale (Image via Supercell)

The most recent season update in Clash Royale introduces an interesting new set of features centered on the Dark Elixir Cave arena. You will be in for a delight with new tower skins, emotes, and gameplay enhancements centered on the concept of Card Evolution in the game. As the new season embarks, you will be thrilled with further additions made in the Card Evolution update.

This article will explore all the new features available in this new Clash Royale season. As of writing, these additions are already incorporated into the game, and you can utilize all elements available in this Card Evolution update.

Dark Elixir Cave arena emotes, and more are the new addition to the Card Evolution update in Clash Royale

Dark Elixir Cave arena in unique game modes

The Dark Elixir Cave arena serves as the setting for battle in this newest season of Clash Royale. You can expect an engaging and graphically spectacular gameplay experience with a fascinating design and an emphasis on dark elixirs, the vital force of Card Evolution.

While the Path of Legends has its dedicated arena in the game, the Dark Elixir Cave will primarily be used for unique game modes found on the events menu in this strategy game.

New emotes available to grab

A new WiFi emote in the game (Image via Supercell/RoyalAPI)
A new WiFi emote in the game (Image via Supercell/RoyalAPI)

Emotes are still a popular way to communicate and express yourself in this title. You will be treated to six new emotes in this season's update, each featuring currently evolved cards in the game. These emotes allow you to show off your favorite evolved cards and offer a personal touch to your in-game interactions.

A comical emote highlighting the frustration of losing WiFi connectivity will surely bring a smile to players' faces and foster a sense of community. Here are all the emotes available in the game:

  • King: No WiFi (Shop)
  • Evolved Barbarian: Power (Path of Legends)
  • Evolved Firecracker: Super Size (Season Shop)
  • Evolved Mortar: Goblin (Pass Royale)
  • Evolved Royal Giant: Angry (Season Shop)
  • Evolved Skeleton: Sword (Season Shop)

Tower skins are also available in the pass royale

New tower skins are available in the game (Image via Supercell/RoyalAPI)
New tower skins are available in the game (Image via Supercell/RoyalAPI)

Tower skins provide a new dimension to Clash Royale's gameplay aesthetics, and this season brings two new exciting options. One of the tower skins is featured in the Gold Pass, adding additional value to Gold Pass subscribers.

The Rock Guitar and second tower skin will be available in the shop. It incorporates vivid pink, blue, and purple guitar motifs that nicely complement the Card Evolution campaign's rock theme. You can personalize your Clash Royale experience by enhancing your towers with these visually stunning skins.