Capcom's Resident Evil Village rumored to be coming to Xbox Game Pass

2021's acclaimed horror game may be coming to Xbox Game Pass (Imaes via Capcom/Microsoft)
2021's acclaimed horror game may be coming to Xbox Game Pass (Imaes via Capcom/Microsoft)

It looks like Capcom's acclaimed horror experience, Resident Evil Village, will soon come to Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass service. The latest installment in its long-running survival horror franchise saw a release last year. It followed the successful design formula set up by its predecessor, Resident Evil 7.

The reception was largely excellent, with fans and critics highlighting the visuals, atmosphere and a good balance between action and puzzles. Not to mention the memes as well, largely focused around the hulking entity of Lady Dimitrescu.

Could Capcom's Resident Evil Village's Xbox Game Pass listing be a mistake?

A hint for the future? (Image via XGP)
A hint for the future? (Image via XGP)

As spotted by Polish website XGP, the iconic FPS game seemed to have a "available on Game Pass subscription" label below the purchase option. It was later removed, but not before being screenshotted by one of the authors.

It might look like a mistake at first glance, but it could as easily be an early mention. This isn't an unseen occurrence when it comes to such announcements, which would imply that the horror game is coming to the widely popular game subscription service.

It wouldn't be too surprising, if true. After all, the predecessor RE7 is on Xbox Game Pass as well. Perhaps Japanese publisher Capcom does have something planned, but until an official release is confirmed, it's best to keep hopes down.

What is Resident Evil Village about?

Resident Evil Village puts players back in the shoes of Ethan Winters, who comes across a quiet village in search of his daughter. Unfortunately for him, there seems to be something peculiar going on, as the village has been run amock by werewolf-like beings called Lycans.

Not many villagers have been left alive, but the protagonist soon uncovers the plans of the unnerving priestess Mother Miranda and her four ruling lords. Namely, Alcina Dimitrescu, Karl Heisenberg, Donna Beneviento and Salvatore Moreau.

Ethan must hunt each of them down to find out what happened to his daughter. Throughout his journey, he is armed with weapons and items to help overcome the hazards of the mysterious settlement. These also include puzzles that must be solved before he can progress.

It borrows a lot of elements from Capcom's much-beloved Resident Evil 4, first released in 2005 for GameCube. These include the small town setting, inventory system and the barricade mechanic. Other aspects, like gunplay, are borrowed from Resident Evil 7, as well as the engine tech powering it: RE Engine.