5 Capcom games that should also get a remake like Resident Evil games

Capcom has been busily reintroducing many of its iconic Resident Evil titles to a new generation of fans (Image via Capcom)
Capcom has been busily reintroducing many of its iconic Resident Evil titles to a new generation of fans (Image via Capcom)

Currently, there are strong indications that Capcom is working on a remake of Resident Evil 4. With good cause, the age of remakes and remasters appears to have reached a new peak in popularity. Capcom, in particular, has been pushing for a redemption arc over the last three years, with Resident Evil 2 receiving immediate critical praise. Apart from the RE games, there are other Capcom games that deserve a remake.

Capcom’s pattern of remaking old classics has become a popular trend. This trend is being followed by the other publishers as well. Electronic Arts have also announced a remake of the renowned sci-fi survival horror classic Dead Space.

5 Capcom games that should also get remake like Resident Evil games

5) Dead Rising 1


The first Dead Rising game was launched for the Xbox 360 in 2006. Players enjoyed chopping down swarms of zombies in a retail mall environment as Frank West, and the game became a smash hit. Dead Rising could be rebuilt using modern technology and engines to fix faults with the original game without losing its personality.

Though certain parts of Dead Rising have aged well, the number and variety of zombie opponents on-screen might benefit from an update. Gamers will surely love the opportunity to take on the role of Frank West once more, albeit with some tweaks in critical areas. Gamers and critics alike blasted the save system in particular.

Save spots were inconveniently scattered around the game's mall environment, and this method was largely seen as a flaw in the game. Capcom may revisit this with a remake and make saving progress a little more lenient.

4) Onimusha 3: Demon Siege


Onimusha is a hack-and-slash action-adventure franchise that debuted in 2001. Despite not being as well-known as Resident Evil, Onimusha maintains a loyal following and is Capcom's seventh best-selling franchise. Among the various titles in the franchise, Onimusha 3: Demon Siege is the one that deserves to be redone, according to Onimusha enthusiasts.

Although the camera is still controlled by the computer, Onimusha 3 is played in a real-time setting rather than one with pre-rendered scenery. The game switches back and forth between Samanosuke battling in modern-day Paris and Jacques fighting in medieval Japan. Samanosuke fights using close-range weaponry, while Jacques utilizes an energy whip that may also be used to swing over gaps at specific moments.

3) God Hand


To fully stand out in today's video game industry and create a distinctive gaming experience, developers need ground-breaking concepts. However, almost 15 years ago, one game was able to achieve just that. That game is God Hand, a third-person action-adventure beat 'em up created by Clover Studio and released by Capcom.

God Hand was Clover's final release, and it was the brainchild of Shinji Mikami, the man most closely linked with Resident Evil's inception. Mikami set out to make an action game with a unique vision, complete with a variety of unique gameplay features never seen before in the genre.

As a result, one of the most inventive and unusual action games of the age was born, which has since gone on to become one of the most popular beat 'em ups of all time. Capcom could recreate this iconic game by adding some more elements. Fighting game enthusiasts would definitely love to play this game on modern consoles.

God Hand casts players as Gene, a brazen young warrior with a golden heart who also happens to be the owner of the God Hand. The God Hand is a legendary power that imbues godlike strength into his right arm. Gene wanders the arid wastelands until he is lured into a war against evil, which is keen to use his tremendous abilities for their bidding.

2) Dino Crisis


Dino Crisis is another classic that deserves to be remade. Dino Crisis is a survival horror franchise that arose from the popularity of Resident Evil. Fans soon stopped being interested in Dino Crisis with the release of the third game in the series, and the series has been inactive for over seventeen years.

Shinji Mikami created the Dino Crisis survival horror and action-adventure video game series, which was developed and released by Capcom. The plot revolves around repeated outbreaks of dangerous dinosaurs in enclosed places, like an island laboratory.

1) Resident Evil Code Veronica


Resident Evil Code Veronica, a survival horror game released in 2000, is one of the most requested remakes in the Resident Evil brand. Surprisingly, following the release of the Resident Evil 3 remake, some people assumed that Code Veronica would be the next game to be remade.

This is because Code Veronica's events took place right after the devastation of Raccoon City, which was detailed in Resident Evil 3. Capcom's intentions for its next remake are still unknown, although it appears that the publisher will forego Code Veronica in favor of Resident Evil 4.

The game’s plot revolves around Claire Redfield. Claire is on a quest to find her missing brother Chris after learning that he had gone to Umbrella's European headquarters. After entering the facility, Claire was arrested by Umbrella and was imprisoned in a Rockfort Island jail that had recently been infected by the t-Virus.

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