Dino Crisis 2 gets a fan remake in Unreal Engine 4, and it looks incredible

Dino Crisis 2: Jungle of Silence gets rebuilt using Unreal Engine 4 (Image via IMDb)
Dino Crisis 2: Jungle of Silence gets rebuilt using Unreal Engine 4 (Image via IMDb)

Along with Capcom's best-selling Resident Evil series, it's worth noting that the company also has a popular survival horror series called Dino Crisis, which players haven't seen in a while. However, no specific statements have been made as to whether any titles in the series will be released on current-generation platforms.

For a long time, players have been waiting for Capcom to make a new Dino Crisis game. While a Capcom remake of Dino Crisis 2 appears unlikely, a fan has taken it upon himself to rebuild a chunk of the game himself and it looks incredible.


Stefano Caglani rebuilt Dino Crisis 2: Jungle of Silence using Unreal Engine 4, and has characterized it as a brief new mission from the original tale with redone elements. It's hardly the entire game, but that's to be expected from a one-person operation.

Dino Crisis 2 unreal engine 4 fan remake demo


This newly published demo, created by Stefano Caglani, recreated the settings of the original 2000 PS2 title in 3D from a third-person perspective using Unreal Engine 4.

Dino Crisis 2: The Silent Jungle considers the year 2000 in Unreal Engine 4, with the utilization of pre-rendered situations. Naturally, it cannot be compared to high-altitude games, but this demo game recreates the atmosphere of the sequel. It varies from the original in that it has velociraptors and T-Rex in the exterior of a military facility and investigator.

Tiltable grass and complex fighting techniques are also included in this demo. The fan remake gives players more flexibility of movement and vision by switching to a third-person perspective rather than the fixed camera angles of the original game. It also keeps exploration interesting.

Caglani has previously worked on fan-made games based on other horror franchises. He has also made games based on Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Scream's Ghostface, in addition to Candyman and H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds.

In any case, this demo has sparked interest for a true next-gen remake even more. Unfortunately, the Capcom-owned IP is presently inactive, and no further installments have been confirmed, despite rumors of the game being revived.

Dino Crisis games


When Capcom realised that the game was a hit, the company quickly followed up with a sequel. One year after the last game, Capcom launched the 2nd installment, and that's when everything started to fall apart. Despite the fact that the series was well-received by many fans, the sequel sold less than the first.

The sequel also made a significant departure from the survival-horror approach to a fast-paced action-adventure game, despite the former being the one that made the first game so popular.

Despite this, the sequel was successful since it was set in the same universe as the first game and continued Regina's story while also introducing Dylan, the sequel's major protagonist.

Capcom followed this up with Dino Stalker. It was a spin-off title that didn't offer much to the franchise's overall story and didn't move the story forward, which is why some fans skipped it in favor of the sequel.

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