"The new title is completely opposite of horror" - Shinji Mikami teases the next Tango Gameworks project after Ghostwire: Tokyo

Tango Gameworks founder states the importance for the studio to create games from different genres (Images via Tango Gameworks)
Tango Gameworks founder states the importance for the studio to create games from different genres (Images via Tango Gameworks)

Ghostwire: Tokyo's studio Tango Gameworks' founder, Shinji Mikami, has revealed that John Johanas, who directed the DLCs for Evil Within series, is working on a title that is "completely opposite of horror."

Meanwhile, the studio's latest offering, Ghostwire: Tokyo, is yet to be released. The game can't be considered a flop, but its rating has been dimmer compared to some of the other releases this year. The studio's founder, Shinji Mikami, has informed his intentions and plans for the future of it.

He has expressed that the Tango Gameworks should focus on other genres aside from horror. Mikami also believes that the studio should strive towards making non-AAA games and masterpieces.

Tango Gameworks director outlines his intentions following the release of Ghostwire: Tokyo


Mikami has worked with Capcom and directed Resident Evil games during the golden years of the franchise. If there's somebody who understands the horror genre in video games, it's Mikami.

Since he founded Tango Gameworks, the studio was subsequently acquired by Zenimax and by Xbox.

In an interview with Japanese magazine Famitsu, Mikami has stated that he would want the studio to not be symbolized by horror games only.

"I hope to eventually change the image that Tango Gameworks currently has. At the moment, we are still seen as a studio that specialises only in survival horror."

To reinforce his point, Mikami stated about an upcoming project being made by The Evil Within 2 director John Johanas. He has informed that the game being made under Johanas will be quite different.

"John Johanas, who directed the DLC for The Evil Within and The Evil Within 2, is working on a completely new title that is the complete opposite of horror. It's a really good game, so keep your eyes peeled."

According to Mikami, Ghostwire: Tokyo isn't a horror game.

"Some people may feel that Ghostwire: Tokyo has a bit of a horror feel to it, But make no mistake, Ghostwire: Tokyo is not a horror game. It is an arcade-style action-adventure game."

There's also a good chance that Tango Gameworks may make non-AAA games. Mikami believes that such games will allow the studio to train newcomers who will work in smaller teams.

"Although we are a studio that makes games, we also want it to have the aspect of a game school where staff can learn how to make games. We want to make it a place where you can grow as a creator and develop your skills and core while working from the bottom up."

Mikami put the rationale behind having smaller teams specifically for the newcomers.

"To be honest, it is quite difficult to train newcomers in a large team. I think the most effective way is to run several game development teams of several dozen people."

Mikami stated that he believes that Tango Gameworks should also focus on creating at least one masterpiece every decade.

"First of all, we should produce a masterpiece every ten years."

Could Ghostwire: Tokyo be the masterpiece of the decade that Mikami wants to create? It will depend on the game's reception among fans when it releases on PC and PS5. The upcoming game will be out for the public this Friday.