How Dead Space remake could take the Sci-Fi horror genre to the next level?

Dead Space is arguably one of the finest horror trilogies of all time (Image via - EA and Twitter/ @deadspace)
Dead Space is arguably one of the finest horror trilogies of all time (Image via - EA and Twitter/ @deadspace)

The Dead Space remake from Electronic Arts is set to release in "early 2023," according to the game's makers during a livestream on Friday.

While the focus of the livestream was on how the remake improves on the original Dead Space's soundtrack, game developers from EA's Motive team also addressed a question concerning the remake's release schedule. Dead Space remake senior producer Philippe Ducharme said:

“We want to make sure that we’re in a place where the game we’re gonna deliver is gonna be delivering on the expectations of fans, that’s what’s most important. So right now we’ll say, early next year."

A new gameplay video was released to demonstrate some of the audio and gameplay enhancements in the Dead Space remake. These enhancements show that the developers are ready to take the Sci-Fi horror genre to the next level.

Here’s how the new enhancements of the Dead Space remake could take the sci-fi horror genre to the next level


Although there are a lot of sci-fi horror games out there these days, discovering good ones is a gratifying experience. Sci-fi offers a gloomy atmosphere, including blood-soaked halls, uncomfortably silent moments, and monsters creeping in the shadows.

Even with the relatively disappointing release of the third game, Dead Space is arguably one of the finest horror trilogies of all time. The first two games in the series strike the ideal mix between horror and action.

The original Dead Space is regarded as a survival horror masterpiece, so the upcoming version proves a lot. Fortunately, the creators appear to have already begun upgrading and generating new materials.

The A.L.I.V.E system


This feature has been named the ALIVE System by Motive Studios, and it incorporates all aspects of Isaac's breathing and pulse rate, vocal exertions, and conversation that are sensitive to the gameplay characteristics of the Dead Space remake.

Anxiety and terror are said to have inspired this system, and they play a role in the behavioral reactions that Isaac would exhibit when he is frightened. "Combat complexity value, scripted events and jump scare, Isaac's exhaustion level, Isaac's oxygen level, and Isaac's health" all impact Isaac's heart rate BPM.

While maintaining true to the original Dead Space, the ALIVE System successfully submerges players in these interactions. The scripted conversation will also alter depending on Isaac's current level of distress: normal, weary, or damaged.

An improved story


EA and Motive unveiled the Dead Space remake in July. An upgraded plot, characters, gaming mechanics, and more as they strive to survive a living nightmare onboard the barren mining spacecraft, the USG Ishimura, all while unraveling the horrific mystery of what happened to the massacred crew and ship, they claimed.

Sound Effects


The official Dead Space YouTube channel has uploaded a three-minute video titled "Dead Space | Weapon Sound Effects Comparison | Audio Deep-Dive Part 3 (2022)."

The plasma cutter and the pulse rifle are two of Dead Space's best weapons, and this video compares the new and old sound effects for them.

The video, presented by Technical Audio Artist Mike Dominiuk, explains how the Dead Space remake aims to bring the audio quality of these renowned weapons up to current standards.

The video starts with the original sound effects of the iconic plasma cutter, which is the player's first weapon in the game. Dominiuk uses a combination of subtle noises for directing the plasma cutter and a loud hiss when it fires.

He then moves on to the in-development remake sound effects, which feature a louder and more penetrating targeting noise as well as an entirely reworked shooting noise.


The new plasma cutter explosion sounds more like a choked-off mechanical scream than a hiss, which may be extremely appropriate for the series. Dominiuk then breaks down the new plasma cutter sound into various audio layers in the video.

There are simply too many audio layers playing over each weapon shot to examine them all separately in three minutes, but Dominiuk concentrates on six in particular. Each layer of sound will add to the Dead Space remake's spooky sci-fi suspense.