EA brings in a new generation of mobile gaming with the release of FIFA Mobile's new season

EA introduce the latest season for FIFA's mobile variant (Image via Sportskeeda)
EA introduce the latest season for FIFA's mobile variant (Image via Sportskeeda)
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EA Sports has released a much-anticipated seasonal update for FIFA Mobile, introducing a wide variety of changes to the iconic football simulation title.

To elevate the overall gaming experience for the mobile gaming audience, the 2022 update for FIFA Mobile takes the game one step closer to its PC/console variant.

Following its 2016 release, the game has witnessed several changes in seasonal updates. However, the 2022 season brings about a wave of changes that can enhance the gameplay experience on a significant scale.


Through the 2022 season update, EA Sports aims to captivate a section of football enthusiasts and mobile gamers who are not familiar with FIFA's mobile variant while elevating features like gameplay, audio and video for the game's existing audience. Let's look at several adjustments made to the game through its latest update.

List of new features that arrived with FIFA Mobile's 2022 update

EA Sports unveiled the various additions to FIFA Mobile's 2022 season, introducing several new features while bidding farewell to a few old ones. With the latest update, the game edges closer to its PC and console game series.

β€œToday marks the beginning of the future for FIFA Mobile, giving tens of millions of players worldwide a truly revolutionary football experience and the flexibility to enjoy the game on a huge variety of generations of devices,” - Lawrence Koh, Head of EA SPORTS FIFA Mobile.

Due to the game's higher graphic requirements and newly introduced features like 60 FPS, FIFA's mobile variant requires a higher calibre device to utilize some of its exclusive features, as mentioned in the game's system requirements.

Welcome in the new season with New Beginnings! πŸŽ―πŸ—’οΈ Check out our Event Guide to see the format, rewards, and new Challenge ModeπŸ†

Player Friends List will also reset due to the initiation of regional gameplay in the 2022 season update. Legacy Mode, a feature familiar to FIFA's mobile gamers, has also taken its leave from the game.

Here are some of the fascinating additions rolled out with the recent seasonal update.

New camera angles and stadiums

EA Sports remodelled FIFA's scoreboard and made changes in the gameplay layout, introducing features like a substitution menu, team mentality and ping connectivity rating in Head to Head and VS Attack.

Players can choose their ideal stadium (Image via Sportskeeda)
Players can choose their ideal stadium (Image via Sportskeeda)

FIFA Mobile is also introducing four new camera angles in-game that players can switch to their liking at any point during the match. Additionally, new camera options are available for goal kicks, corners, penalties, free kicks and broadcast replays.

Players can also unlock a set of new stadiums, with the option to specify the weather conditions and adjust the time of the day the match is conducted, namely day, dusk or night.

Audio and Commentary

FIFA Mobile has brought in live commentary from distinguished football commentators worldwide. It is available in 11 languages - English, Spanish, LATAM Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Italian, German, Dutch, Arabic, Mandarin and Japanese.

Audio commentary is available in multiple languages (Image via Sportskeeda)
Audio commentary is available in multiple languages (Image via Sportskeeda)

Furthermore, EA Sports introduces improved home crowd chants, public stadium announcements, and player calls, which resonate during the quiet and intensified moments of the match.

Team Management

Like FIFA 22 and its predecessors, FIFA's mobile variant will feature more interactive team management controls. Players can set up their Ultimate Team to their liking and organize player roles accordingly. This includes the selection of the team's captain and set-piece takers.

The newly introduced substitution menu allows players to implement the required changes at the right time at any point of the match.

Players can build their Ultimate Team with players of their choice (Image via Sportskeeda)
Players can build their Ultimate Team with players of their choice (Image via Sportskeeda)

The live sub-menu allows on-the-fly substitutions, whereas players can also assign automatic substitutions from their bench of 7 substitutes before the match's start. Additionally, the live in-game substitution menu can make positional changes in team formation.

VS Attack, a fan-favourite game mode in FIFA Mobile, is another in-game mode that has been subjected to a few positive changes through the update.

Stamina and Skill Moves

Stamina is a recently introduced feature that adds to the game's authenticity. Players will have a depleting stamina bar during the game, which will decide the player's output in the match.


Reduced stamina levels can impact the player's passing accuracy, shooting accuracy and skill-move awareness and eventually slow down the player.

In the 2022 edition of FIFA Mobile, players can engage in an elevated level of gameplay by demonstrating some of the six new skill moves added to the game. Players also have their designated skill move rating, limiting their access to skill moves based on their rating.

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