5 most effective skill moves that all players should use in FIFA 22

Let's look at the top skills available on FIFA 22 (Image via Twitter / @marcusborba)
Let's look at the top skills available on FIFA 22 (Image via Twitter / @marcusborba)

Improved game mechanics and fluidity in gameplay is the wall that separated FIFA 22 from FIFA 21. With the addition of Explosive Sprint, improved goalkeeping AI, and Hypermotion Technology (for next-gen consoles), FIFA 22 encourages players to involve more plays with the right analog stick. Skill moves are essential in taking apart the opposition's defenses with the added benefit of appearing flashy in the process.

FIFA 22 features four additional skill moves to its roster. The game now exhibits 53 skill moves with an additional set of eight juggling tricks for 5-star skill-rated players. These include individuals such as Kylian Mbappe, Neymar, and Cristiano Ronaldo. There are 51 players with a 5-star skill move rating.

Use these skill moves in FIFA 22 to gain an advantage

5) Bridge


Difficulty: 1 star

PlayStation: Tap R1 x2

Xbox: Tap RB x2

The Bridge as an exclusive skill move was added to the FIFA 21, although it already existed as a part of the gameplay. This skill move in FIFA 22 allows players to push the ball around their opposition defenders, collecting the ball from the other side of the player. Bridge is a simple 1-star rated skill move that can be performed by double tapping the R1/RB button on the controller.

4) Open-up fake shot


Difficulty: 1 star

PlayStation: Hold L1+Tap Square, then Tap X and move LS top left/right

Xbox: Hold LB + Tap X, then Tap A and move LS top left/right

This 1-star skill move requires minimal effort to perform but can be used by players to slide past defenders easily. The open-up fake shot slows down approaching defenders as the player performing slows down for a moment before attempting the shot. The player can then shift his direction as desired.

3) Roulette


Difficulty: 3 stars

PlayStation: Roll RS clockwise from bottom to right/left

Xbox: Roll RS clockwise from bottom to right/left

Roulette is a classic trick on the field, a very impactful skill move available to FIFA 22. While performing the move, the player spins around his opponent with the ball on his feet, leaving the defender behind. The move is executed best when the opponent rushes into the player to attempt a tackle.

2) La Croqueta


Difficulty: 4 stars

Playstation: Hold L1 + RS hold right/left

Xbox: Hold LB + RS hold right/left

The La Croqueta, popularized by midfield maestro Andres Iniesta, is a bold move that every defender would want to avoid. Avoiding the move seems complicated due to the quick change in the direction of play. Those who perform the move need to have a 4-star skill move rating in FIFA 22.

1) Ball roll scoop


Difficulty: 5 stars

PlayStation: RS hold right/left + square+ X then flick left/right

Xbox: RS hold right/left + X + A then flick left/right

This skill move is quite rapid in execution and makes it hard to predict, allowing players the free space required to take a shot at the goal. The skill is merely a combination of two signature moves in football - ball roll and scoop turn. The nature of the move helps players cut inside from the wings easily, getting them that one vital chance to score. Ball roll scoop is a 5-star technique. Hence, it's only available to a select few players in FIFA 22.

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