COD Mobile: Legendary Outrider and SVD leaked, battle royale players to get Legendary ORV soon

Legendary Outrider has been leaked and is coming to COD Mobile soon (Image via Twitter/ TheCassiniJohn)
Legendary Outrider has been leaked and is coming to COD Mobile soon (Image via Twitter/ TheCassiniJohn)

COD Mobile Season 10 has a lot of new content that is yet to be revealed. In a series of new leaks, the trailer and initial gameplay of multiple new legendary operators and weapons have been unveiled. However, the date of release for either of the weapons in the lucky draws is yet to be confirmed.

Legendary Outrider leaks first came out a couple of weeks ago, right after Gunzo was released last season. Outrider is one of the oldest characters in COD Mobile, and it will be the first AI bot skin in the game to get a Legendary variant.

👩‍💻 Techno Aim Draw trailer in #CODMobile featuring legendary Outrider & legendary crossbow.

The SVD or Dragonauv sniper rifle was also released on COD Mobile, and players will get the legendary variant of that weapon later this season.

Legendary ORV draw coming soon to COD Mobile, Crossbow also to get a legendary blueprint

Battle royale has been getting a lot of attention lately and after the legendary helicopter and Antelope A20, it is now time for the fast-moving ORV to get a legendary variant. The trailer for the draw has been leaked and players will see a new version of the Class Skill Airborne in the same draw.

Royale Ravagers draw trailer in #CODMobile featuring legendary ORV & legendary Airborne. 🏎️

The ORV skin will surely remind players of Batman as it reeks of the Caped Crusader vibes with the red and black coloration and pointy finishes all around the weapon.

#Season10 x #CoDMobile Leak ORV Legendary Car & Skin Looking Like it Came Straight Out Of Batman

Legendary Crossbow, however, is coming to COD Mobile with the Outrider skin and both can be seen in the leaked trailer.

How the Legendary Crossbow Changed in Recent #CoDMobile Mini UpdatesFull Comparison, Gameplay and more:🔗 Subscribe and Share)@UMAIR__GAMER @Murdablast_YT@Alyan_Gamer_YT @M2Games2

The trailer for the SVD sniper rifle was also leaked and the rifle will sport similar vibes to the legendary SKS blueprint. It has a unique death animation along with a holographic image of what looks like scorpion claws. Shadow Stung Draw is expected to be released later in COD Mobile Season 10.

Shadow Stung draw trailer in #CODMobile featuring legendary SVD & new operator Nyx. ⚔️

Below are the ironsight and death effects of the upcoming legendary SVD sniper rifle.

SVD - Toxicant legendary weapon looks:1) Base version. 2) Reactive form.3) Ironsight close up.4) Death effect.Coming in S10 of #CODMobile.Also a tier 50 premium battle pass epic version of SVD is coming.

The release dates for these lucky draws have not yet been confirmed but players can expect the ORV and SVD legendary variants to be released in Season 10 and the legendary Outrider with the Crossbow skin to be released in COD Mobile Season 11.

Fans should note that all leaks are subject to change.

Edited by R. Elahi
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