DOOM The Dark Ages leaked for Xbox Showcase, rumored to be released on PS5 too

DOOM The Dark Ages is the next mainline DOOM game from id Software, leaks suggest (Image via id Software)
DOOM The Dark Ages is reportedly the next mainline DOOM game from id Software (Image via id Software)

Leaks suggest that the next mainline title in the DOOM franchise, DOOM The Dark Ages, might get revealed during the upcoming Xbox Games Showcase on June 9, 2024. These leaks come courtesy of Insider Gaming's Tom Henderson, who has also teased the possibility of the game's multi-platform release, with the title reportedly scheduled to arrive on Xbox, PC, and PS5 on the same date.

According to Insider Gaming's report, DOOM The Dark Ages, which was initially codenamed "Year Zero," was in development at id Software for roughly four years. Work on the game apparently started right after the studio finished work on Doom Eternal's The Ancient Gods expansions.

DOOM The Dark Ages isn't the first Xbox-published game to arrive on PS5, but it might be the first to release on all platforms on day one

DOOM The Dark Ages and its codename, Year Zero, hint at the series going back to the medieval ages, which is something fans of the DOOM franchise have been asking for since 2016.

While DOOM Eternal did incorporate aspects of the older titles within its gameplay, its setting was still quite far into the future, with the DLCs pushing it even further.

If the title of the upcoming DOOM game is any indication, it might feature a story that takes place way before Doomguy was captured on Mars, as shown in DOOM 2016's opening.

DOOM Eternal also hinted at Doomguy's past and how he and his fellow soldiers were tortured by the Hell priests, which eventually molded him into the ruthless demon-hunter that he is. It's very likely that the upcoming title will explore more of Doomguy's past, circling back to the present that we got to experience in DOOM 2016 and Eternal.

A release date or any other key information about DOOM The Dark Ages has not been revealed or leaked, apart from its official title. However, a release date (perhaps even the pre-order details) will likely be revealed for the game during the Xbox Games Showcase on June 9, 2024.

The DOOM franchise just celebrated its 30th anniversary. This was also when rumors began to surface about the new game that id Software is working on. Bethesda and id Software also recently registered for a new trademark for "IDKFA," which is a very well-known and common cheat code in the DOOM series.

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